Part 2 – How to Maximize Your One-on-One Time with Your Leader


How to Face Disruption Mercer Bradley

Maximizing your one-on-one time with your leader provides you with key learning opportunities. Receiving and implementing constructive feedback supports professional growth. Showing up prepared for your one-on-ones helps you make the most of your time with your leader. The following suggestions can help. Implement these tips to maximize your one-on-one time with your leader. Understand… Read more »

Beyond the Numbers: Skills Accounting Professionals Should Nurture


Accounting professionals must look beyond the numbers to build their careers and benefit their organizations.. These professionals must nurture various hard and soft skills to support efficient business operations. Accounting professionals’ abilities to prepare, analyze, interpret, and discuss financial records help their organizations remain compliant with accounting standards and regulations. The value these professionals provide… Read more »

We’re Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary!


We’re proud to share that we will soon hit a huge milestone: Mercer Bradley  will reach our 15-year business anniversary on June 1st! Since opening our doors in 2008, our team has worked diligently to connect the right people to the right jobs, driving success for the clients and candidates we serve. Through dramatic changes… Read more »

Part 2: The Importance of Why Canadian Workers Need an Upskilling Strategy That Focuses on Hard Skills


Accounting and finance employers and employees in Canada must change along with the changes in the industry and client demands. This helps employers and employees remain competitive. Part of keeping up with these changes involves employee upskilling strategies. Upskilling lets employees develop relevant skills to meet evolving client needs. The more value companies provide, the… Read more »

Decluttering Your Workspace: Start the Year on the Right Foot


Vacationing 2021: Why This Might Be One of the Most Important Vacations You Take Mercer Bradley

If you feel unfocused and unproductive at work, take a look at your workspace. If your work area is cluttered, you probably have difficulty finding meeting notes, project plans, or other important information. This lack of organization could be contributing to your disengagement at work. Decluttering your workspace may be the best way to increase… Read more »

Employee Retention Starts Sooner Than You Think!


We are working in a highly competitive candidate market. This is why extending an offer and receiving acceptance do not always mean your candidate starts and transitions as planned. When you hire, your candidate may have been actively pursuing other roles. This means there still is competition for roles that they previously applied or interviewed… Read more »

Your ULTIMATE Manitoba Summer Bucket List


The sun is out and the HEAT is here! There are so many things to do and so little time. Make the most of your summer by stepping out of your comfort zone! Dare to try something different. Include these activities on your Manitoba summer bucket list! 1. Pinawa Channel Float & Paddle Pinawa Channel… Read more »

What Can You Do About Disruptive Change?


What Can You Do About Disruptive Change_ Mercer Bradley

In order for companies to thrive this year, they need to respond to the trends that impact how organizations operate. This includes looking beyond financial goals and focusing more on employee needs. Effective responses to the following trends can help establish transformative growth for increased business success. Companies that make modifications in line with the… Read more »

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Leave Your Role?


The decision to leave your job requires a lot of thought. Although challenges at work are to be expected, experiencing long-term dissatisfaction is not. If you consistently are unhappy at work, it may be time to change employers. This is especially true if you lack work-life balance or opportunities for growth. You should be able… Read more »

Will Remote Work Affect Compensation Moving Forward?


Will Remote Work Affect Compensation Moving Forward_ Mercer Bradley

Like many employers during the coronavirus pandemic continues, your accounting and finance team may be working remotely. This trend is expected to continue even after the pandemic subsides. The increased flexibility with fewer distractions is attractive to employees. The increased productivity and wider candidate pool is attractive to employers. If your team will remain completely… Read more »