Benefits of Being Willing to Accept a New Job


Benefits of Being Willing to Accept a New Job Mercer Bradley

Deciding to move to a new accounting and finance job can help with your career advancement. With the significant number of companies hiring, now is a good time to start your job search. The potential for increased income and new skills can help you reach your professional goals. Discover three reasons to change to a… Read more »

The Importance of Meaningful Work


Having meaningful work provides you an abundance of benefits. For instance, you likely put in additional time each week, contribute at your best level, and rarely are absent. You probably remain engaged and productive and have a high level of job satisfaction as well. This typically results in longevity with your organization and ongoing career… Read more »

Developing Your Skills While Doing the 9 to 5


Mercer Bradley_Developing Your Skills While Doing The 9 to 5

As an accounting and finance employee, career advancement is a top priority. This involves developing the knowledge, skills, and experience required to take on additional responsibility. One way to accomplish this is by developing your skillset during the work week. By finding ways to increase the value you provide your employer, you set yourself up… Read more »

The Real Reasons Why a Temp Role Looks Fantastic on Your Resume


Working in temp roles enhances your resume. You can gain the necessary skills and experience to advance your career and add professional references to your network. You also can avoid gaps in your employment history and show you are a dedicated worker. 4 Reasons Why Temp Accounting Roles Are Great For Your Career 1. New… Read more »

Why It Pays to Stay Ahead on Accounting Technology Trends


Because technology is disrupting the accounting industry, accountants need to stay current on the latest news and trends. Because many tasks are being performed by technology, accountants need to shift their role within the field to continue offering value to clients and remain marketable to employers. 1. Technological Impact Continues Evolving Accountants need to stay… Read more »

Tips to Hit the Ground Running on a Long-Term Temp Assignment


When you secure a long-term temp position, you want to make the most of your time with the company. After all, you may be looking for the chance to be hired on full-time. Therefore, you need a plan to show multiple ways in which you’re an asset to the organization. Follow these tips to hit… Read more »