The Importance of Ethics in the Accounting Profession


How To Communicate Well in a Virtual World - Mercer Bradley

Accountants are trusted and relied on to carefully, truthfully, and diligently make and keep financial records for companies and clients. Adherence to these ethical standards helps preserve the dignity, respect, and trust in accountants and the accounting profession. Accounting professionals must conduct themselves in a manner that serves the public interest and maintains the positive… Read more »

How to Receive and Implement Feedback


Openly receiving and implementing feedback helps improve your work performance. As a result, you should intentionally create space for it and remain receptive. Feedback is not bad or negative, feedback is a way to learn and grow personally and professionally. Whether you receive formal or informal feedback, your brain immediately begins processing the input. Training your brain… Read more »

Spring Refresh for Professional Success


Peace of Mind Hiring: The Right Hire Makes All the Difference Mercer Bradley

Spring cleaning involves clearing out the things you no longer need to make room for the things that you want. This is an excellent approach to refresh your career and take steps to increase your professional success. Taking the time for a spring refresh on your professional success paves the way for learning and development…. Read more »

We’re Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary!


We’re proud to share that we will soon hit a huge milestone: Mercer Bradley  will reach our 15-year business anniversary on June 1st! Since opening our doors in 2008, our team has worked diligently to connect the right people to the right jobs, driving success for the clients and candidates we serve. Through dramatic changes… Read more »

How to Navigate the Emotions of Being a Leader


Being a leader takes work. You must monitor your employees’ mental health, show compassion and sensitivity, provide flexibility, and deliver results. These actions require a high amount of emotional labour. Emotional labour is the effort required to maintain a professional image when your actions do not align with your feelings. For instance, even though you… Read more »

Part 2: The Importance of Why Canadian Workers Need an Upskilling Strategy That Focuses on Hard Skills


Accounting and finance employers and employees in Canada must change along with the changes in the industry and client demands. This helps employers and employees remain competitive. Part of keeping up with these changes involves employee upskilling strategies. Upskilling lets employees develop relevant skills to meet evolving client needs. The more value companies provide, the… Read more »

How Can Being a Volunteer Advance Your Career?


As an accounting professional in Canada, you should consider volunteering with a local non-profit organization. Serving on a board of directors or an audit committee can help advance your career. A non-profit’s board of directors is its governing body. The directors focus on high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability for the organization. As a volunteer board… Read more »

Part 1: The Importance of Why Canadian Workers Need an Upskilling Strategy That Focuses on Soft Skills


Redefining the Value of Work: Managing the Employer-Employee Relationship

Whether you are an employer or employee in Canada, upskilling is required for business and career success. Because the accounting and finance industry and client demands continue to evolve, companies and employees must evolve to stay competitive. Upskilling is required for employees to successfully perform their work. Upskilling helps employees remain employable in the job… Read more »

The Latest Accounting Trends as 2023 Begins


Cybersecurity, climate concerns, sustainability and the increasing shortage of accountants have created increasing challenges for accounting professionals in Canada. These issues make accounting professionals’ work even more demanding. Learn more about the importance of these issues for accounting professionals in Canada in 2023.   Climate Impacts & Sustainability are Top of Mind As the global… Read more »

Decluttering Your Workspace: Start the Year on the Right Foot


Vacationing 2021: Why This Might Be One of the Most Important Vacations You Take Mercer Bradley

If you feel unfocused and unproductive at work, take a look at your workspace. If your work area is cluttered, you probably have difficulty finding meeting notes, project plans, or other important information. This lack of organization could be contributing to your disengagement at work. Decluttering your workspace may be the best way to increase… Read more »