Family Feeling Cooped Up? Here Are Some Awesome Summer Camp Ideas You Can Run in Your Backyard!


Implement any of these ideas to create a summer camp in your backyard. Mercer Bradley

With the coronavirus pandemic still going, you’re probably staying home a lot. Odds are, this is not how you or your children planned to enjoy their summer vacation. Instead of playing with other kids at parks, pools, or camps, they’re most likely playing by themselves at home. Fortunately, your kids don’t have to miss out… Read more »

How Are you “Really”? Why You Need to Care About and Care for Your Employees


How Are you _Really__ Why You Need to Care About and Care for Your Employees Mercer Bradley

Just over, a year ago, some of the first COVID-19 cases were recorded. Much has happened since then, and your business, clients and employees have all felt the impact. As many accounting and finance employees continue to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, their well-being continues to be a top priority. Because a significant… Read more »

Being a Better Leader This Year Means Adaptability


Being a Better Leader This Year Means Adaptability Mercer Bradley

Like other leaders, you learned tremendous lessons while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Perhaps you discovered that your accounting and finance team had to work remotely for an indefinite amount of time. Maybe you found new technology for staying connected with your employees. Overall, you learned that remaining adaptable during a crisis is… Read more »

Lessons on Personal Life and Careers We Learned from 2020


MercerBradley Lessons on Personal Life and Careers We Learned From 2020

Saying that 2020 was a time of rapid change would be an understatement. The coronavirus pandemic upended our lives. We began sheltering in place. Millions started working from home. When schools and daycares closed, parents began teaching and entertaining their kids throughout the day. However, as we struggled to shift from an on-the-go lifestyle to… Read more »

Top 10 Business Lessons We Learned from 2020


10 Lessons We Learned from 2020

The year 2020 was a difficult time for companies. Typical ways of gaining and conducting business were altered. Leadership had to get creative in taking action to continue operations. Having a plan in place helped overcome hurdles and challenges to continue moving forward. Here are the top 10 business lessons that 2020 taught us. 1…. Read more »

The Importance of Building Deeper Business Relationships


The Importance of Building Deeper Business Relationships - Mercer Bradley

The success of your business relies a great deal on how well your company performs during uncertain times. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the firms you have as partners and vendors have a significant impact on your organization’s ability to continue operations. Although partner firms and vendors may appear to provide similar functions, their… Read more »

The Five People You Meet on LinkedIn


As a professional, LinkedIn is among your top networking sites. You can find ideas, inspiration, feedback, and recommendations for job openings, career advice, mentorship, and more. For these reasons, you want a robust network available to help you on your accounting and finance career path. Your connections can introduce you to other professionals, refer you for job openings, and more.   Here are five… Read more »

3 Ways You Can Simplify Your Resume to Get It Read Today


Simplifying your resume means it’s crisp, clean, and able to hold the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter. Keeping it simple shows that you understand who are as a professional and what you have to offer an employer. Tailoring your skills and experience focuses on the professional elements you want to use in your… Read more »

How to Build a Great Reputation as a Contract Accounting Consultant


When working as a contract accounting consultant, your reputation is your livelihood. Clients hire contractors because someone attests to their skills and abilities. As a result, you get much more work when they choose you because of your reputation. Here are five ways to build a great reputation as a contract accounting consultant. 5 Ways… Read more »