Understanding and Conquering Imposter Syndrome


Well-Being at Work and in Remote Work Mercer Bradley

Like most employees, you probably have experienced imposter syndrome at some point in your career. Perhaps you started a new job and felt you had less experience than needed. Or, maybe your manager assigned a project you felt unprepared to lead. Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Imposter syndrome is quite common and affects as… Read more »

How to Plan, Structure, and Craft a Great Meeting


Planning, structuring, and crafting a great meeting provides many benefits. This process saves time and money, increases engagement and productivity, and elevates team morale. Understanding how to plan, structure, and craft a great meeting takes time, effort, and practice. These suggestions can help. Follow these guidelines to plan, structure, and craft a great meeting. Determine… Read more »

Cultivating Motivation in the Wake of Winter


Cultivating motivation in the wake of Winter can be difficult. You might rather stay in your warm bed all day than get up and be productive. Fortunately, you can take steps to increase motivation during the winter months. These suggestions can help. Choose among these tips to cultivate motivation in the wake of Winter. Regularly… Read more »

Professional Skills to Cultivate Throughout Your Career


After learning to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, accountants are more prepared than ever to close out the year. Here's why. Mercer Bradley

Cultivating professional skills throughout your accounting career helps you grow professionally. The more value you add to an organization, the more opportunities you have for advancement. Developing relevant hard and soft skills helps you remain engaged and productive at work. It also increases your job satisfaction and tenure with an employer. This benefits your career… Read more »

The Importance of Ethics in the Accounting Profession


How To Communicate Well in a Virtual World - Mercer Bradley

Accountants are trusted and relied on to carefully, truthfully, and diligently make and keep financial records for companies and clients. Adherence to these ethical standards helps preserve the dignity, respect, and trust in accountants and the accounting profession. Accounting professionals must conduct themselves in a manner that serves the public interest and maintains the positive… Read more »