How Do You Know When It’s Time to Leave Your Role?


The decision to leave your job requires a lot of thought. Although challenges at work are to be expected, experiencing long-term dissatisfaction is not. If you consistently are unhappy at work, it may be time to change employers. This is especially true if you lack work-life balance or opportunities for growth. You should be able… Read more »

What Stories Do Your Financials Tell? (And Why Does It Matter to Your Employees?)


Explaining the numbers on the financial documents with stories shows employees why the numbers and how their behaviors impact them. Mercer Bradley

All of the numbers on your company’s financial statements have a story about how they came to be. Communicating the numbers and the stories behind them shows employees why they matter. When employees have a clear understanding of how their day-to-day decisions and actions impact the company’s financials, they make more informed decisions in the… Read more »

How to Communicate And Engage Well in a Virtual World


How To Communicate Well in a Virtual World - Mercer Bradley

Since the onset of the coronavirus, more business communication has been occurring through video conferencing. Because of the ease with which employees in different locations can communicate, the use of video conferencing is here to stay. As a result, you need to find ways to connect with your virtual audience to keep them engaged. We’re… Read more »

Audit Risks in a COVID and Post-COVID World


Audit Risk Post COVID - Mercer Bradley

As an accounting employee at a company that had a 2020 fiscal year end, your organization may be audited this year. If so, there are certain areas that may provide increased risks of material misstatement for the audit. Resolving potential issues in these areas can contribute to successful audit results. Be sure you pay attention… Read more »

The Importance of Meaningful Work


Having meaningful work provides you an abundance of benefits. For instance, you likely put in additional time each week, contribute at your best level, and rarely are absent. You probably remain engaged and productive and have a high level of job satisfaction as well. This typically results in longevity with your organization and ongoing career… Read more »

Vaccine Rollout and Implications on Perception and Reality of the Recovery


Vaccine Rollout and Implications on Perception and Reality of the Recovery Mercer Bradley

As millions of doses of the coronavirus vaccine continue to come into Canada, people are beginning to see a light at the end of a very long tunnel. After more than a year of shutdowns, social distancing, remote work, and uncertainty, residents are feeling hopeful that things can slowly begin shifting to a more recognizable… Read more »

5 Ways to Balance Your Time Off and Your Job This Summer


With the sunshine and warm temperatures, going to work can be challenging. In most cases, you would rather be outside enjoying the weather than cooped up in an office. Fortunately, you can take steps to balance your job with time off this summer to remain focused and productive. 5 Ways To Balance Your Job and… Read more »

What Every Accountant Needs to Know About Data Security


As an accounting professional in Canada, you’re a strong target for cyber attackers. You have client names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and dates of birth that cyber criminals desire. You may also have social insurance numbers, places of employment, annual income, health records and financial records that bring cyber criminals high premiums. Fortunately, there… Read more »

Tips to Hit the Ground Running on a Long-Term Temp Assignment


When you secure a long-term temp position, you want to make the most of your time with the company. After all, you may be looking for the chance to be hired on full-time. Therefore, you need a plan to show multiple ways in which you’re an asset to the organization. Follow these tips to hit… Read more »