How to Communicate And Engage Well in a Virtual World

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How To Communicate Well in a Virtual World - Mercer Bradley

Since the onset of the coronavirus, more business communication has been occurring through video conferencing. Because of the ease with which employees in different locations can communicate, the use of video conferencing is here to stay. As a result, you need to find ways to connect with your virtual audience to keep them engaged.

We’re so excited to spotlight a special friend, Anders Boulanger, of Engagify AI!


Engagify AI, works with companies to help their teams and events become more engaging, which leads to more engaged participants, resulting in increased learning, higher productivity, increased profits and new leads!


He has a fantastic YouTube channel and we thought his video on prepping your virtual video background is fantastic and worth a watch!


Uncover eight tips to engage with your audience through video conferencing.

1. Talk at a Standing Desk

Standing on a video call typically provides you with more energy than sitting. This lets you come across as more excited and animated, which is important in virtual calls because the webcam seems to kill your energy. Your audience is more likely to stay engaged and listen to your words than if you sit while talking.

2. Line Up Your Webcam with Your Eyes

Move your webcam so the top of your head aligns with the top of your computer screen. This makes it appear as though you are making eye contact with your audience. It also makes you look big and credible, drawing attention to what you say. A camera angle that looks up at you can make you appear snobby, while a camera that shoots down on you can make you look inferior. Meet your counterpart eye to eye and remember to look at the camera when you speak.

3. Pay Complete Attention

Show that you are completely focused on the information you and your audience are sharing with each other. They need to see authenticity, honesty, and presence in order to trust your words. Providing your undivided attention shows you respect your audience. Listening to what they have to say encourages them to listen to you in return.

4. Mirror Your Audience

Build rapport by matching the words, tone of voice, and body language of your audience. Pay attention to how they sit, their facial expressions, hand gestures, and eye movements. Behave in a similar manner to deepen your connection.

5. Share Stories

Audience members enjoy hearing stories. They are better able to connect with emotional experiences than abstract thoughts. Include stories to connect with your listeners and clarify your ideas and points. Stories enable us to engage the imaginations of our viewers. This helps make up for many of the engagement gaps that are created with virtual meetings.

6. Encourage Interaction

Engage your audience through conversation. For instance, ask everyone to keep their video cameras on to create a personal connection. Also, call participants by their name as you ask them questions. Lead by example, embody the state you’d like to see in your audience. Additionally, repeat what you heard to ensure understanding.

7. Be Visual

We are visual animals so be sure to have your camera on and use charts, props, art, or other visuals to share information with your audience. This helps them efficiently process data and makes it more memorable. Your listeners will be better equipped for problem-solving, reflection, creativity, and retention.

8. Get Engagified!

Want to learn how to be more engaging? Want to hold your audience spellbound so that you can lead, sell, and communicate more effectively? Anders Boulanger, Founder & CEO of Engagify can help. His company trains individuals and teams to deepen connection and command attention. Find out how to best use your camera, lighting, and microphone, make your delivery more interesting, use your body to control your audience’s focus, and more.

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