Angela Chambers

Angela Chambers, FCPA, FCMA, CPC.

President & Practice Leader

204- 272-6054
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As an FCPA, FCMA, and CPC designee through the Association of Canadian Search Employment & Staffing Services, Angela brings a wealth of experience, having spent 13+ years in progressive accounting roles within private and publicly traded companies prior to dedicating the past 19 years to staffing and recruiting accounting professionals. Noteworthy milestones in her career include being recognized as a top North American performer at an international staffing firm and spearheading the establishment of the Mercer Bradley Winnipeg office.

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Beyond her professional achievements, Angela embodies a leadership style centered on leading by example, grounded in impeccable integrity, compassion, and empathy. Her tenure as a leader has positively impacted her team, fostering professional growth, and instilling a culture where individuals thrive amidst increased responsibilities and challenges. Angela’s impressive list of accomplishments includes being named a Fellow of Chartered Professional Accountants in 2016 and playing a key role in the Manitoba Transition Steering Committee, which successfully merged Canada’s three accounting designations. Angela is a National Board Member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) since 2016, and has held leadership positions in various capacities within ACSESS. She is also a Certified Personnel Consultant.

At the heart of Angela’s vision for Mercer Bradley is an unwavering commitment to service. She ensures the agency provides solutions that align with core values, not only for the organization but also for its clients and candidates. Angela’s strategy for driving growth revolves around developing her team to tackle challenges in the ever-evolving talent market, ensuring continuous evolution of processes and best practices. Her passion for education and professional development adds a unique perspective to her leadership, fostering a culture where everyone’s potential is unlocked and meaningful work aligns with core values.

Angela’s favorite aspect of working with Mercer Bradley is crystal clear: changing lives. By providing candidates with career opportunities aligned with their goals and connecting top talent with clients, Angela and Mercer Bradley empower individuals and organizations to achieve their dreams.

Jennifer Tomlinson

Jennifer Tomlinson, CPC.

Director, Talent Management

204- 272-6055
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Jennifer Tomlinson holds a B. Comm.(Hons.) from the Asper School of Business, majoring in Human Resource Management, and is a Certified Personnel Consultant through the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services. With nearly a decade at Mercer Bradley, she brings a diverse skill set encompassing customer service, professional consulting, and a fervent desire to effect positive change.

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As a leader, Jennifer is distinguished by her communication prowess, forging strong connections within her team and the Winnipeg business community. Her core values center on investing in her team’s well-being, growth and performance. Notable achievements include consistently surpassing monthly goals, earning the 2017 Genesis Award through the professional governing body, ACSESS, and becoming a trusted advisor in the staffing realm.

Jennifer has transformed countless lives by strategically aligning qualified candidates with meaningful employment opportunities. Looking forward, Jennifer is committed to sustain the success of Mercer Bradley through consistency, continuous learning and embracing innovative change for both herself and her team.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jennifer’s passion for her family, community service, and advocacy for others align seamlessly with Mercer Bradley’s values. In her role, Jennifer excels at building relationships and finding a professional fit for both sides of the employment equation. Her favourite aspects of working at Mercer Bradley are the joy she finds in the interactions with everyone she meets and making a difference in the lives of others every day.

Tara Hearn

Tara Hearn, CPC.

Recruiting Coordinator & Talent Management Consultant, Temporary Staffing Services

204- 272-6056
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Tara contributes valuable insights into immigration guidelines and maintains a positive and supportive attitude, playing a crucial role at Mercer Bradley. In 2023, she achieved a significant milestone by earning her Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) designation through successful completion of the national examination. Her proactive commitment to the industry was further acknowledged at the 2023 ACSESS conference, where she received the prestigious Genesis Award, highlighting her ability to seize opportunities, take ownership of responsibilities, and collaborate effectively with seasoned staffing professionals.

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Tara’s vision for propelling Mercer Bradley’s growth revolves around strengthening the temporary side of the business. Her strategy focuses on delivering skillful matches to clients and ensuring candidates find swift employment opportunities. Additionally, Tara actively supports the entire Mercer Bradley team through various tasks and project work, contributing to collective goal achievement.

Tara’s prior experience in customer service and sales further enhances her current role, emphasizing relationship maintenance and a deep understanding of the needs of those she collaborates with. At Mercer Bradley, Tara finds fulfillment in the collaborative and supportive team environment. Her favorite aspect is derived from helping people find meaningful employment, utilizing her communication skills and dedication to building lasting relationships within the community.

Outside the professional arena, Tara’s role as a coach brings a unique perspective to her approach – and she sees coaching as a direct parallel to her work in the staffing industry. She supports and coaches through positive reinforcement, knowledge of the activity and rules, and applying strategies for positive outcomes while supporting the community and building relationships with both children and parents.

Zoya Smith

Zoya Smith

Part Time Director of Operations
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Zoya’s educational background – and more than 7 years of ERP implementation and support, 10 years of ATS implementation and support, 10 years of payroll and HR experience, and 15 years of providing back-office admin and support in the recruiting industry – position her as an invaluable asset to Mercer Bradley. Her work style, marked by a commitment to streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies, has positively impacted both the team and the organization. Zoya’s core values emphasize creating a supportive and efficient work environment, fostering a sense of loyalty and dedication within the team.

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Zoya’s contributions to Mercer Bradley go beyond her professional achievements. By streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies for the recruiting team, customers, and candidates, she has played a crucial role in the agency’s growth and success. Her vision for the company’s future centers around assisting the team from an administrative perspective, enabling recruiters to focus on their core responsibilities.

Innovative and forward-thinking, Zoya is consistently on the lookout for ways to improve efficiencies in software, showcasing her dedication to ongoing learning and technological advancements. Her willingness to explore different social media techniques to enhance the brand underscores her commitment to the agency’s growth. Zoya’s favorite part about working with Mercer Bradley is the strong sense of loyalty she holds for Angela and the company – having been involved with Mercer Bradley since its inception, she appreciates that her voice is always heard.

Zoya’s personal interests outside of work add a unique perspective to her role. As a certified yoga instructor with over 20 years of practice, she brings a sense of calm and well-being to the team. She also has a passion for causes and community involvement.