Spring is the perfect time for networking. You can participate in accounting and finance conferences and events for professional growth and opportunities.

Networking helps build meaningful connections with other industry professionals. Developing these relationships expands your opportunities for career advancement.

Connecting with Other Accounting and Finance Professionals

Participating in industry events and joining conversations offers exciting opportunities:

  • The serendipitous meetings and random connections would not have happened without being in that room at that time.
  • You can reconnect with former colleagues, coworkers, managers, and other members of your network you have not talked with in years.
  • You can learn about others’ professional growth and share your own story.
  • These discussions can lead to additional job and career opportunities with other organizations.

Diving into Deep Discussions

Engaging in industry conferences provides opportunities to immerse yourself in deep conversations with other accounting and finance professionals:

  • Webinars and other virtual events let you participate in audience polls, break out into networking rooms, and contribute to the discussion topics.
  • Being physically present at a networking event provides opportunities to engage with the speakers and the participants near you.
  • In-person events support strong feelings of connection.
  • Live conferences offer time to sit and let the emotions and thought-provoking ideas sink in.

Rebuilding Your Network

With the coronavirus-related lockdowns and social distancing requirements behind us, now is the time to engage with others as you deepen your industry knowledge and abilities:

  • Rebuilding your network involves reconnecting with the professionals you met through work or industry events to discuss the latest news and developments.
  • Reconnecting with members of your network strengthens relationships with people you care about.
  • You can share your ideas and insights and learn about diverse topics.

Networking from Home

Some conferences have virtual options and booths set up. Virtual networking lets you make meaningful connections from home. You can participate in virtual and hybrid accounting and finance conferences and events to expand your network, build relationships, and professionally grow.

The following tips support virtual networking:

  1. Clarify your networking goals. Examples include building employer relationships and learning from other accounting and finance professionals.
  2. Strengthen your online presence. Ensure your LinkedIn profile includes a professional photo, detailed education and employment information, licenses and certificates, skills, projects, publications, awards, recommendations, and volunteer activities.
  3. Share relevant, meaningful content. Ask and answer industry-related questions to spark engagement and interaction. Also, comment on other accounting and finance professionals’ posts to share insight.
  4. Engage with virtual networking conferences and events. Social media, online searches, email, your employer, and word of mouth are effective methods to find opportunities near you.
  5. Create and build relationships. Share unique information about yourself during introductions in breakout rooms to encourage engagement. Also, ask participants to reconnect after the event. Follow up to build the relationship.
  6. Participate in virtual networking groups and communities. Find other accounting and finance professionals with similar goals who are focused on professional growth.
  7. Measure your networking contributions. Track and analyze your networking results to determine which industry conferences and events to participate in and how to improve your engagement and relationship-building skills.

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