The Impact of AI on Accounting


According to the Thomson Reuters Institute’s 2023 report ChatGPT & Generative AI within Accounting Firms and Corporate Tax Departments, 51% of respondents believed that Chat GPT and generative AI should be applied to tax, accounting, and audit work. The report also found that 10% of accounting and tax professionals use or plan to use ChatGPT… Read more »

Understanding and Conquering Imposter Syndrome


Well-Being at Work and in Remote Work Mercer Bradley

Like most employees, you probably have experienced imposter syndrome at some point in your career. Perhaps you started a new job and felt you had less experience than needed. Or, maybe your manager assigned a project you felt unprepared to lead. Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Imposter syndrome is quite common and affects as… Read more »

Employee Attraction and Retention


Employee retention is a top priority for most employers. High retention rates provide many advantages: Elevated candidate attraction Increased employee engagement Better performance Greater productivity Stronger job satisfaction Higher employee morale Lower hiring, onboarding, and training costs Healthier bottom line Employer reputation As a result, you should take steps to strengthen employee retention. These tips… Read more »