It’s Our Philosophy That Sets Us Apart


Each of our employees and partners work to conform to these five pillars of our business:


Focus More on Relationships Than Money

We are People focused rather than Placement focused. Placements are extremely important because they mean helping a great person find a great job in a great company – but we always put the person first. We all win long term with great relationships – with our clients, candidates and each other

Encourage Empowerment

We are imaginative, entrepreneurial and do what makes sense rather than what follows a specific process or formula. Creative solutions are often the best ones for our clients, candidates and our teammates.

Play to Your Strengths

Focusing on our strengths builds a stronger team and creates more job satisfaction for each of us. We accomplish more together then we could individually. We work hard and play hard – laughter in our workplace is welcome.

Foster a Continuous Learning Environment

We work consistently and diligently to improve ourselves, our skills and our talents. As students of our profession, we always seek new ways to help our clients, candidates and each other.

Do the Right Thing – Even When It Is Uncomfortable

Ethics is really all about respect – self-respect and respect for others. We treat clients, candidates, vendors and each other with the utmost respect at all times. We share our personal & corporate resources with those needing our help.


“Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it is always right.”


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