Community involvement & Sustainability

Here’s how we give back to the communities that serve us so well.

In the community, we help those close to home – and those very far away. Our staff members volunteer at or financially support food banks and hospices, children’s hospitals and charitable foundations. In Manitoba, we volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

We attend fundraising galas, bowl for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and go all out for the Underwear Affair Run. Individually, we sit on boards and committees, sell raffle tickets, attend events and lend a helping hand.

As a company, we are committed to finding the right person for the right opportunity at exactly the right time. In our work and in the community, we are always working to make it right.


Of course we recycle, but our mandate is paperless where possible. From electronic greeting cards to desk-side recycling bins, from office kitchen composting to reducing waste here and at home, we are all pitching in to make this a better place to live. In fact, our Vancouver location worked to meet the city initiative of reducing 70 percent of our waste by 2015.

We also conserve energy by turning off our computers and the lights when we leave for the day. With electronic devices, if we can’t shut them off, we make sure they’re in sleep mode. We even close the blinds on weekends to keep our space cooler in the summer and to retain heat in the winter; it means we use less power year-round.

Sustainability is definitely about the environment at Mercer Bradley – but it doesn’t stop there. Helping businesses, job seekers and others in our communities is the right balance of philosophy and action.

“Doing the right thing isn’t always easy but it is always right.”

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