Networking: Your Key to Professional Growth and Opportunities

Spring is the perfect time for networking. You can participate in accounting and finance conferences and events for professional growth and opportunities. Networking helps build meaningful connections with other industry professionals. Developing these relationships expands your opportunities for career advancement. Connecting with Other Accounting and Finance Professionals Participating in industry events and joining conversations offers […]

Elevate Your Game: A Strategic Playbook for Your Next Interview

As you prepare for your interview, here is some advice that will elevate your game! Keep in mind that interviews are aimed at finding strong matches more than providing candidate qualifications. Because the interviewer already knows your work history from your resume, you do not need to focus on it during the discussion unless asked […]

Navigating Your Successful Resignation

The last impression you make at a job is important. Maintaining flexibility and emotionally adjusting as you transition between roles is essential. How you leave a job says a lot about you. The way you strengthen relationships at the company you are leaving and begin networking within your new organization impacts your career. Keep in […]

Developing Your Skills While Doing the 9 to 5

Mercer Bradley_Developing Your Skills While Doing The 9 to 5

As an accounting and finance employee, career advancement is a top priority. This involves developing the knowledge, skills, and experience required to take on additional responsibility. One way to accomplish this is by developing your skillset during the work week. By finding ways to increase the value you provide your employer, you set yourself up […]

New Career Skills You Never Thought You’d Need

New Career Skills You Never Thought You'd Need | Mercer Bradley

As you move along in your accounting & finance career, you pick up new skills. Adding technical skills and cultivating soft skills are two key parts of career advancement. However, one aspect of moving up the ladder that often is overlooked involves introspection. Close evaluation of your mental and emotional processes provides insight into how […]

Benefits of Accepting a Job Offer Now

Benefits of Accepting a Job Offer Now - Mercer Bradley

Like many people, you may be in the market for a job right now. If you recently finished a line of interviews and were offered a position, you might be wondering whether to accept it. Of course, thoroughly evaluating the offer and deciding whether it fits your short- and long-term goals and needs is imperative. […]