How To Build up Your Company’s Reputation and Keep Your Customers Happy


How To Build up Your Company's Reputation and Keep Your Customers Happy | Mercer Bradley

Part of your company’s success depends on the quality of the business relationships you maintain. Creating genuine relationships involves having close contact with customers, employees, and business associates. For customers, this includes filling needs, addressing concerns, and resolving issues. For employees, this includes providing jobs, room for growth, and career opportunities. For business associates, this… Read more »

The Importance of Building Deeper Business Relationships


The Importance of Building Deeper Business Relationships - Mercer Bradley

The success of your business relies a great deal on how well your company performs during uncertain times. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the firms you have as partners and vendors have a significant impact on your organization’s ability to continue operations. Although partner firms and vendors may appear to provide similar functions, their… Read more »

The Importance of Planning and Forecasting for Uncertain Times


The Importance of Planning and Forecasting for Uncertain Times - Mercer Bradley

Planning and financial forecasting often are difficult in the best of times. During times of uncertainty, these functions become even more challenging but critical. Creating a plan to continue business operations during times of rapid change requires a team effort. You must find ways to adjust budgeting and forecasting on a more regular basis than… Read more »

Next Gen Accounting Talent – 8 Ways to Identify the Next Leaders in Your Company


At the core of your company is a team of skilled leaders making good decisions. Many of these leaders are on your accounting team. Because you want your company to continue to make wise decisions about financial and strategic management and planning, you need to identify future leaders on your accounting team. Because they keep… Read more »

Hiring Bias – It’s Real and Here’s How You Can Avoid It


Subconscious bias influences your daily decision making. As a hiring professional, this includes which candidates you decide to have join your team. Because you want fair, reliable hiring outcomes, you need to understand how your unconscious bias can affect your hiring decisions. You also must take steps to ensure your choices depend on candidates’ qualifications and fit for… Read more »

Effective Onboarding – 6 Ways to Streamline the Process


Effective Onboarding - 6 Ways to Streamline the Process - Mercer Bradley

The first 90 days of employment is a crucial time for a new hire to build rapport with colleagues, management, and coworkers. Sharing your company’s mission, vision, values, and goals while showing an employee how to perform their work helps them be productive. Feeling like a valued member of your team increases the odds of… Read more »

The 6-Hour Work Day and Flexible Workspaces – The Work of the Future


The 6-Hour Work Day and Flexible Workspaces - The Work of the Future Mercer Bradley

Research shows that having a flexible workspace and/or a six-hour workday make employees more productive. A flexible workspace conforms to the needs of whoever is using it, providing support as their task and focus changes. Individuals who work fewer hours tend to create higher quality work than employees who work more hours. As a result, your company can benefit from having a flexible workspace and a six-hour workday. While this is not a new concept, with current health concerns… Read more »

How Can You Help Your Teams Deal With Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt?


Times are stressful right now. People don’t like uncertainty, yet we are in the midst of the most uncertain times in recent history. How is it possible to reassure them when you may be as unsure as your employees? All you can really do is help them to develop coping strategies. Share these recommendations with… Read more »

5 Effective Ways to Onboard an Accountant


With the amount of time and money invested in recruiting accountants, you need to properly onboard them. Effective onboarding improves employee engagement and retention to maximize your return on investment. 1) Determine How Onboarding Success Will Be Measured Communicate what target metrics will be used to determine whether your new accounting team member is successfully onboarded…. Read more »

Are You Maximizing Your Internal Team’s Potential?


As a leader, maximizing your team’s potential is a vital part of moving the company forward. Part of that process includes creating a common purpose, encouraging innovation, and promoting communication. Are you taking proper action to help your team members reach their full potential? Ask These 4 Questions As A Manager 1. Does Your Team… Read more »