What Are Gen Z Job Seekers Looking for in a Workplace?


Gen Z was born between 1997 and 2002. Like other generations, they have unique perspectives and priorities about finding a job. Understanding what Gen Z is looking for in their job search helps attract them to your company. Filling their needs encourages them to remain with your organization long-term.   Providing the following can help… Read more »

What Can You Do About Disruptive Change?


What Can You Do About Disruptive Change_ Mercer Bradley

In order for companies to thrive this year, they need to respond to the trends that impact how organizations operate. This includes looking beyond financial goals and focusing more on employee needs. Effective responses to the following trends can help establish transformative growth for increased business success. Companies that make modifications in line with the… Read more »

How to Add Internal Talent to Your Interview Process


How to Add Internal Talent to Your Interview Process Mercer Bradley

Hiring for your accounting and finance team is a challenging process. You want a candidate with the right combination of education, skills, and experience to succeed in the role. This is why hiring internally can be so appealing. You know the candidate already was vetted, understands your company culture, and likely needs less time for… Read more »

Peace of Mind Hiring: The Right Hire Makes All the Difference


Peace of Mind Hiring: The Right Hire Makes All the Difference Mercer Bradley

Bringing aboard the right professionals to your accounting and finance team has an impact on your company’s success. Having team members contribute their diverse knowledge, skills, and experience to individual tasks and projects keeps your team engaged and productive. The more work they complete, the more they are able to perform at a higher level…. Read more »

Top 10 Business Lessons We Learned from 2020


10 Lessons We Learned from 2020

The year 2020 was a difficult time for companies. Typical ways of gaining and conducting business were altered. Leadership had to get creative in taking action to continue operations. Having a plan in place helped overcome hurdles and challenges to continue moving forward. Here are the top 10 business lessons that 2020 taught us. 1…. Read more »

Are You Maximizing Your Internal Team’s Potential?


As a leader, maximizing your team’s potential is a vital part of moving the company forward. Part of that process includes creating a common purpose, encouraging innovation, and promoting communication. Are you taking proper action to help your team members reach their full potential? Ask These 4 Questions As A Manager 1. Does Your Team… Read more »

Tips for Snagging the Best Accounting Graduates


Finding top accounting graduates provides many benefits for your company. For instance, you can capitalize on graduates’ fresh ideas, recent learning history, and comfort with technology to grow your business. Therefore, you need to steer graduates away from the competition so you have your pick of top candidates. 7 Ways To Get Top Accounting Graduates… Read more »

Why Is Employee Retention Such a Hot Topic?


Retaining employees is vital to your company’s success. Keeping top talent results in a positive work environment, greater productivity, lower costs and other benefits. Here are six reasons why employee retention is a hot topic in Canada’s accounting industry. Reason #1: Enhance Recruitment Retention enhances recruitment. Because your company fulfills the promises it makes during… Read more »