Elevate Your Game: A Strategic Playbook for Your Next Interview

As you prepare for your interview, here is some advice that will elevate your game! Keep in mind that interviews are aimed at finding strong matches more than providing candidate qualifications. Because the interviewer already knows your work history from your resume, you do not need to focus on it during the discussion unless asked […]

Dos and Dont’s of a Successful Interview

Understanding the dos and don’ts of a successful interview helps you conduct more productive conversations. This helps the interview process run smoothly. Conducting a successful interview helps you learn about a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and experience that are relevant to the role. You also can share the job duties and responsibilities, expectations, work environment, and […]

Maximize Your Chances: Top Tips for a Successful Interview

Whether you are new to interviewing or have not interviewed for a while, preparation is one key to success. Making a positive first impression impacts whether you advance in the hiring process. At Mercer Bradley, we want to help maximize your chances of moving forward in the interview process. You can use the following list […]