What Are Gen Z Job Seekers Looking for in a Workplace?

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Gen Z was born between 1997 and 2002. Like other generations, they have unique perspectives and priorities about finding a job. Understanding what Gen Z is looking for in their job search helps attract them to your company. Filling their needs encourages them to remain with your organization long-term.


Providing the following can help your company attract and retain Gen Z employees.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Gen Z wants coworkers with diverse backgrounds, equitable treatment for the workforce, and inclusive practices that make all employees feel welcome and valued.

  • Set key performance indicators (KPIs) for representation, talent acquisition, promotions, and retention.
  • Focus on pay equity when extending job offers, providing raises, or giving promotions.
  • Sponsor employee resource groups (ERGs) to build community between employees with shared characteristics, interests, or issues.
  • Request and implement employee feedback on your DEI efforts.

Competitive Compensation

Gen Z expects competitive salaries, benefits, and perks in exchange for their hard work and dedication to the company.

  • Set your salaries at or above the market.
  • Include health insurance, a retirement plan with a company match, and a generous amount of paid time off in your benefits package.
  • Consider offering student loan repayment, paid parental leave, childcare assistance, or financial education opportunities.

Open Communication

Gen Z needs their ideas and perspectives included as much as possible in decision-making.

  • Have weekly meetings to share and develop ideas to benefit the organization.
  • Work together to implement the best ideas.
  • Provide anonymous surveys asking for input on company issues.


Gen Z requires flexibility in their work options. Many members are fatigued from learning or working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. However, they appreciate the convenience and financial benefits of working from home.

  • Offer a hybrid work environment.
  • Provide a flexible schedule.
  • Allow for in-person social connection with coworkers.


Gen Z prefers to collaborate with teammates and coworkers after learning or working remotely during the pandemic.

  • Set team goals to promote innovation, problem-solving, and a shared purpose.
  • Send out meeting agendas with each participant’s role to encourage interaction.
  • Host a meeting to introduce a team project, answer questions, and create a shared sense of ownership.

Career Advancement

Gen Z wants to see clear pathways to move up within an organization.

  • Talk about a candidate’s professional goals and how they can be achieved through opportunities with your company.
  • Discuss the training and development opportunities your company offers.
  • Share your company’s mentoring and job shadowing programs.

Social Responsibility

Gen Z looks at how well a company takes responsibility for its actions and their impact on employees, stakeholders, and communities.

  • Have a business code of ethics involving employee behavior and the environment.
  • Demonstrate your policies and practices that benefit the environment.
  • Donate time and money to organizations that protect the environment.


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