Effective Interview Strategies with Multilingual Job Applicants


Using effective interview strategies with multilingual job applicants contributes to company success. The ability to communicate with people of different cultures enhances employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include greater job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates. Canada’s population includes a significant number of people who do not speak English as their… Read more »

3 Strategies for a Successful Knowledge Transfer Plan


How To Communicate Well in a Virtual World - Mercer Bradley

A recent survey conducted by The Harris Poll shows many Canadian companies are experiencing business continuity difficulties due to knowledge transfer. These businesses are not adequately preparing for retiring baby boomers to transfer their knowledge to their successors. According to the survey, two-thirds of employers say knowledge transfer is required for employees to fulfill their job duties… Read more »

What Are Gen Z Job Seekers Looking for in a Workplace?


Gen Z was born between 1997 and 2002. Like other generations, they have unique perspectives and priorities about finding a job. Understanding what Gen Z is looking for in their job search helps attract them to your company. Filling their needs encourages them to remain with your organization long-term.   Providing the following can help… Read more »

Employee Retention Starts Sooner Than You Think!


We are working in a highly competitive candidate market. This is why extending an offer and receiving acceptance do not always mean your candidate starts and transitions as planned. When you hire, your candidate may have been actively pursuing other roles. This means there still is competition for roles that they previously applied or interviewed… Read more »

How to Add Internal Talent to Your Interview Process


How to Add Internal Talent to Your Interview Process Mercer Bradley

Hiring for your accounting and finance team is a challenging process. You want a candidate with the right combination of education, skills, and experience to succeed in the role. This is why hiring internally can be so appealing. You know the candidate already was vetted, understands your company culture, and likely needs less time for… Read more »

Peace of Mind Hiring: The Right Hire Makes All the Difference


Peace of Mind Hiring: The Right Hire Makes All the Difference Mercer Bradley

Bringing aboard the right professionals to your accounting and finance team has an impact on your company’s success. Having team members contribute their diverse knowledge, skills, and experience to individual tasks and projects keeps your team engaged and productive. The more work they complete, the more they are able to perform at a higher level…. Read more »

The Importance of Building Deeper Business Relationships


The Importance of Building Deeper Business Relationships - Mercer Bradley

The success of your business relies a great deal on how well your company performs during uncertain times. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the firms you have as partners and vendors have a significant impact on your organization’s ability to continue operations. Although partner firms and vendors may appear to provide similar functions, their… Read more »

The Importance of Planning and Forecasting for Uncertain Times


The Importance of Planning and Forecasting for Uncertain Times - Mercer Bradley

Planning and financial forecasting often are difficult in the best of times. During times of uncertainty, these functions become even more challenging but critical. Creating a plan to continue business operations during times of rapid change requires a team effort. You must find ways to adjust budgeting and forecasting on a more regular basis than… Read more »

Next Gen Accounting Talent – 8 Ways to Identify the Next Leaders in Your Company


At the core of your company is a team of skilled leaders making good decisions. Many of these leaders are on your accounting team. Because you want your company to continue to make wise decisions about financial and strategic management and planning, you need to identify future leaders on your accounting team. Because they keep… Read more »

Hiring Bias – It’s Real and Here’s How You Can Avoid It


Subconscious bias influences your daily decision making. As a hiring professional, this includes which candidates you decide to have join your team. Because you want fair, reliable hiring outcomes, you need to understand how your unconscious bias can affect your hiring decisions. You also must take steps to ensure your choices depend on candidates’ qualifications and fit for… Read more »