Peace of Mind Hiring: The Right Hire Makes All the Difference

Peace of Mind Hiring: The Right Hire Makes All the Difference Mercer Bradley

Bringing aboard the right professionals to your accounting and finance team has an impact on your company’s success. Having team members contribute their diverse knowledge, skills, and experience to individual tasks and projects keeps your team engaged and productive. The more work they complete, the more they are able to perform at a higher level. […]

Employee Recognition and Other Ways to Retain Your Top Talent

Because hiring and training top talent costs time and money, you want to keep your best employees for as long as possible. To do so, you need to keep them engaged in their work, recognize their efforts, and reward them for their contributions. Otherwise, you may lose your best employees to a competitor. 4 Strategies […]

Beyond the Books: CPAs Are Strategy, Leadership and Change Managers

CPAs are an integral part of your business. Not only do they document and analyze numbers to determine where money is coming from and going to, but they also help plan for future business success. More than just number crunchers, CPAs are strategy, leadership, and change managers that help move your company forward. 3 Ways […]

Great Questions to Ask Top Candidates

When interviewing candidates for accounting positions, you want the best hires so you get the best results. Here are a few questions you can ask accounting candidates to find top talent that will best fit your needs. 1. Why Did You Decide to Work in Accounting? Top candidates pay attention to detail and perform the […]