Because hiring and training top talent costs time and money, you want to keep your best employees for as long as possible. To do so, you need to keep them engaged in their work, recognize their efforts, and reward them for their contributions. Otherwise, you may lose your best employees to a competitor.

4 Strategies For Keeping Top Talent 

1. Set Clear Expectations

Make sure each of your employees understands what is expected of them. Knowing exactly what they are working toward keeps employees engaged and encourages them to take pride in their work and strive to create something bigger than themselves. For instance, have clearly defined, written goals for each employee and for the team. Explain why those goals are important, how each employee contributes toward reaching them, and how the goals fit with strategic business plans. Also, provide the tools, technology, and other resources necessary to reach those goals. Additionally, periodically check in with your team to answer questions and provide praise and constructive feedback. Further, meet with your team weekly to discuss progress and provide additional guidance.

2. Encourage Employee Input

Ask your employees to provide input for improving the company. Employees who are able to share their input take ownership in the business, are more committed to their job, and feel empowered by their contributions. For instance, your employees may have ideas on how to streamline processes, offer a complementary product/service, or better serve clients. Implementing the most beneficial ideas will encourage participation in further developing and making them reality.

3. Offer Professional Development

Provide opportunities for ongoing professional development. Your top employees want to take on new challenges and experience growth opportunities to move forward in their career. For instance, ask your team which skills and types of experience they want to develop, then find ways to implement in-office workshops. Also, determine which leadership seminars or industry conferences will benefit your employees most and offer to sign them up. Additionally, encourage your employees to participate in local professional groups in your field. Further, set up a mentoring program at your company.

 4. Recognize Your Employees

Continuously recognize a job well done. Showing ongoing gratitude makes your employees feel special and shows that their contributions are noticed. For instance, always thank your employees for their time and express appreciation for their hard work. Also, recognize specific accomplishments for each employee at team meetings. Additionally, provide gift cards and bonuses for completing big projects and raises for larger achievements. Further, run quarterly contests to improve in a desired area with a monetary prize as the reward.

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