Part 3: Reporting Financial Information to Non-Accountants


Redefining the Value of Work: Managing the Employer-Employee Relationship

Employees who are skilled at their non-accounting and finance jobs typically lack training and experience working with financial data. Many of these employees are intimidated by financial data because they dislike math. Others believe they do not need to look at the company’s numbers because they are not responsible for the financials. However, employees in… Read more »

Does Your Accounting Team Prioritize Cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity for companies is increasing in importance. This is especially true for accounting teams. Hackers know that systems used by accountants have confidential information that can be used for personal gain. This is why your business, including your accounting team, needs to prioritize cybersecurity. Otherwise, your organization may lose revenue, clients, and its reputation.  … Read more »

What Do the Latest Global Issues Mean for Canadian CPAs?


What Matters to Your Stakeholders?

The coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine, supply chain interruptions, money laundering risks, and inflation have created increasing challenges for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) in Canada. The interdependency and compounding effect are making these issues even more difficult to manage. CPAs need to continue to do their part to handle the economic and financial disruption… Read more »

What Stories Do Your Financials Tell? (And Why Does It Matter to Your Employees?)


Explaining the numbers on the financial documents with stories shows employees why the numbers and how their behaviors impact them. Mercer Bradley

All of the numbers on your company’s financial statements have a story about how they came to be. Communicating the numbers and the stories behind them shows employees why they matter. When employees have a clear understanding of how their day-to-day decisions and actions impact the company’s financials, they make more informed decisions in the… Read more »

Accountants Are More Prepared for This Year’s End


After learning to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, accountants are more prepared than ever to close out the year. Here's why. Mercer Bradley

By the end of 2021, your company will have been through a year-end close during COVID-19. As a result, you likely had to face challenges unlike anything else you experienced. Overcoming these obstacles should have helped you prepare for your next year-end close.   The following are some of the challenges you may have faced… Read more »

What Soft Skills Do You Need for A Successful Professional Career?


Throughout your accounting career, you need to exhibit both soft and hard skills. You want the technical savvy and interpersonal skills to continue advancing professionally. Building these skills not only make you more confident in your career but more marketable in an ever-changing career landscape. What Soft Skills Do You Need for A Successful Professional… Read more »

8 Hours, No Exceptions – How Sleep Deprivation Is Impacting Your Job Performance


Not getting enough sleep at night is detrimental to your work performance. You may show up late to the office (or virtual office), experience interference with daily activities, or fall asleep at your desk. Even modest amounts of sleep loss can accumulate over time, providing a substantial impact on daily functioning. Professionals who are now working at home are reporting… Read more »

New CPA? Why Take a Temp Role


A temp role is a short- or long-term job that is not permanent employment. Companies may bring aboard temps to fill in during planned employee absences, provide seasonal assistance, help with specific projects or take over when a staff member suddenly leaves. Because temp roles provide a multitude of benefits, you should consider taking one… Read more »

Etiquette and Professionalism in the Accounting and Finance Industry


Displaying proper etiquette and professionalism is important in the accounting and finance industry. Whether in the office, at a meeting, or during a networking event, demonstrating proper etiquette enhances your work performance. Behaving professionally projects a confident, assured personality that results in beneficial connections that enhance business. Follow these guidelines to demonstrate proper accounting and… Read more »

5 Ways to Get Positive Online Reviews


Many candidates do considerable research before pursuing employment. This includes checking out on-line reviews. Reviews on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google or Facebook let job candidates know what it’s like working for an employer and influence whether they apply for or accept a job. Although it’s practically impossible to have all positive reviews, there are steps you… Read more »