Displaying proper etiquette and professionalism is important in the accounting and finance industry. Whether in the office, at a meeting, or during a networking event, demonstrating proper etiquette enhances your work performance. Behaving professionally projects a confident, assured personality that results in beneficial connections that enhance business. Follow these guidelines to demonstrate proper accounting and finance etiquette.

What Are Some Professionalism Best-Practices?

1. Office Etiquette

Proper interactions in the office help you develop relationships with coworkers. Be pleasant and smile when speaking with others. Work to put the person at ease. Attentively listen and ask follow-up questions so that others feel valued. Weave in your point of view or key messages. Follow through on the action you promise, and let the person know when it’s done. Continue building relationships with coworkers.

2. Communication Etiquette

Know when it’s appropriate to communicate in person, by phone, email, instant message or text. For instance, texting may be appropriate when you need a date, time or address, or someone is in a meeting and you don’t want to interrupt with a phone call. Instant messaging may be appropriate if you need to ask someone on a different floor a quick question. Email may be best if you need to deliver in-depth details with various documents. Be brief with all written communication. Include your name and phone number for easy follow-up. In person is best as you develop relationships for communicating sensitive information or you need to work through a more complex issue.

3. Meeting Etiquette

Demonstrating proper meeting etiquette ensures that everyone feels respected, acknowledged and comfortable. Be sure to email your contact the day before to confirm your meeting. Dress appropriately for your audience. Show you value the person’s time by arriving at least five minutes early. Introduce all participants. Be friendly but efficient throughout the meeting. Spend some time building rapport before moving into the substance of the meeting. Remain organized, efficient, on topic and knowledgeable. Follow up within 48 hours with a thank-you email and summary of outcomes.

4. Networking Etiquette

Networking connects you with fellow accounting and finance professionals. Before participating in a networking event, decide what your goals are. Research who will be there so you know whom you want to make contact with. Know what you want to say to them and what impact you’d like to have. When meeting people, look the person in the eye and smile. Provide a firm handshake to show you are authoritative and credible. Be genuine and sincere as you ask insightful questions about the person and their work. Look for common points of interest. Suggest meeting again for coffee or to visit your workplace.

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