Does Your Accounting Team Prioritize Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity for companies is increasing in importance. This is especially true for accounting teams. Hackers know that systems used by accountants have confidential information that can be used for personal gain. This is why your business, including your accounting team, needs to prioritize cybersecurity. Otherwise, your organization may lose revenue, clients, and its reputation.   […]

What Can You Do About Disruptive Change?

What Can You Do About Disruptive Change_ Mercer Bradley

In order for companies to thrive this year, they need to respond to the trends that impact how organizations operate. This includes looking beyond financial goals and focusing more on employee needs. Effective responses to the following trends can help establish transformative growth for increased business success. Companies that make modifications in line with the […]

What You Should Know About Anti-Discrimination Hiring Practices

Laws and regulations against discriminatory hiring practices in Canada clearly outline employers’ responsibilities for ensuring fair treatment of job candidates. As a member of The Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS), Mercer Bradley is proud to show adherence to the Association’s Code of Ethics & Standards and comply with all anti-discrimination hiring […]