Does Your Accounting Team Prioritize Cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity for companies is increasing in importance. This is especially true for accounting teams. Hackers know that systems used by accountants have confidential information that can be used for personal gain. This is why your business, including your accounting team, needs to prioritize cybersecurity. Otherwise, your organization may lose revenue, clients, and its reputation.  … Read more »

How To Build up Your Company’s Reputation and Keep Your Customers Happy


How To Build up Your Company's Reputation and Keep Your Customers Happy | Mercer Bradley

Part of your company’s success depends on the quality of the business relationships you maintain. Creating genuine relationships involves having close contact with customers, employees, and business associates. For customers, this includes filling needs, addressing concerns, and resolving issues. For employees, this includes providing jobs, room for growth, and career opportunities. For business associates, this… Read more »

5 Ways to Get Positive Online Reviews


Many candidates do considerable research before pursuing employment. This includes checking out on-line reviews. Reviews on Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google or Facebook let job candidates know what it’s like working for an employer and influence whether they apply for or accept a job. Although it’s practically impossible to have all positive reviews, there are steps you… Read more »