Effective Interview Strategies with Multilingual Job Applicants


Using effective interview strategies with multilingual job applicants contributes to company success. The ability to communicate with people of different cultures enhances employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include greater job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates. Canada’s population includes a significant number of people who do not speak English as their… Read more »

What Can You Do About Disruptive Change?


What Can You Do About Disruptive Change_ Mercer Bradley

In order for companies to thrive this year, they need to respond to the trends that impact how organizations operate. This includes looking beyond financial goals and focusing more on employee needs. Effective responses to the following trends can help establish transformative growth for increased business success. Companies that make modifications in line with the… Read more »

How to Face Disruption and Not Have It Impact Your Bottom Line


How to Face Disruption Mercer Bradley

Virtually every company has been facing disruption since the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Not knowing what to expect or how to navigate the business has been an ongoing concern. For many companies, this adversely impacted their revenue streams, cash flow, and debt load. Fortunately, leaders now have more information that can better protect their financial… Read more »

How Are you “Really”? Why You Need to Care About and Care for Your Employees


How Are you _Really__ Why You Need to Care About and Care for Your Employees Mercer Bradley

Just over, a year ago, some of the first COVID-19 cases were recorded. Much has happened since then, and your business, clients and employees have all felt the impact. As many accounting and finance employees continue to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, their well-being continues to be a top priority. Because a significant… Read more »

Being a Better Leader This Year Means Adaptability


Being a Better Leader This Year Means Adaptability Mercer Bradley

Like other leaders, you learned tremendous lessons while dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Perhaps you discovered that your accounting and finance team had to work remotely for an indefinite amount of time. Maybe you found new technology for staying connected with your employees. Overall, you learned that remaining adaptable during a crisis is… Read more »

Top 10 Business Lessons We Learned from 2020


10 Lessons We Learned from 2020

The year 2020 was a difficult time for companies. Typical ways of gaining and conducting business were altered. Leadership had to get creative in taking action to continue operations. Having a plan in place helped overcome hurdles and challenges to continue moving forward. Here are the top 10 business lessons that 2020 taught us. 1…. Read more »

How Can You Help Your Teams Deal With Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt?


Times are stressful right now. People don’t like uncertainty, yet we are in the midst of the most uncertain times in recent history. How is it possible to reassure them when you may be as unsure as your employees? All you can really do is help them to develop coping strategies. Share these recommendations with… Read more »

Why Humanity Matters to the Accounting Profession


Many accountants enter the field because numbers are easier to deal with than people. Numbers are predictable, understandable, and lead to a solution or balance. In contrast, people are complex, unpredictable, and sometimes illogical. Although many accountants may not have to interact with people at work, this puts them at a disadvantage. In many cases, they may start… Read more »

How to Have Open Dialogue About Company Morale


High company morale is one key to business success. When morale is up, employees are engaged, happy and productive. They individually and collaboratively perform their best while working toward business goals. A significant part of creating high company morale involves communication. Openly acknowledging and addressing issues affecting employees cultivates a culture of high morale. Here… Read more »