High company morale is one key to business success. When morale is up, employees are engaged, happy and productive. They individually and collaboratively perform their best while working toward business goals. A significant part of creating high company morale involves communication. Openly acknowledging and addressing issues affecting employees cultivates a culture of high morale. Here are six tips to have open dialogue about company morale.

How To Encourage Positive Discussions About Your Team’s Morale

1. Discover What Motivates Your Team

Understand what motivates your team. Use employee engagement surveys, one-on-one meetings and annual team building events to find out how members think, feel and learn. Implement social media posts that encourage employees and management to share their thoughts and participate in meaningful discussions. Show that their voices matter. You want to better understand your teammates and what needs to be done to keep productivity and company morale high.

2. Define Expectations

Set team expectations so members know what they are working toward. Creating goals and steps to attain them clarify what type of performance and results you expect. Employees should know exactly what they need to do to reach individual and team objectives and receive desirable performance reviews. Knowing what is expected of your team increases company morale.

3. Communicate Openly

Openly communicate with your team. Create a culture of trust, honesty and respect by having an open-door policy. Walk around among your team to show that you’re available to talk. Encourage members to come to you with questions and problems. Listen to employees’ ideas and concerns and respect what you’re told. Provide regular feedback on how their ideas may be implemented and issues resolved. Making company morale a top priority develops a fulfilling work environment for everyone.

4. Train and Develop Your Team

Continuously train your team to develop and implement their knowledge and skills. Show that they are your most valuable asset and you want to help them move forward in their career path. Your teammates will feel happier and more productive when they know what to do to increase performance.  Ongoing coaching and feedback help improve efficiency and company morale.

5. Acknowledge Employee Contributions

Point out individual and team contributions. Show how your teammates play an important role in moving the company forward. Employees need to know that they are working toward something bigger than they are and adding to the organization’s prosperity. Increased employee commitment strengthens dedication along with company morale.

6. Promote Career Development

Encourage your team members to develop their careers. Continually offer new opportunities and challenges to develop skills, performance and experience. Let employees take on new projects, more responsibility and new roles within your department. Regularly discuss career progression within your organization. Provide clear paths to move up over time. Promotions increase company morale.

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