Navigating Leadership Skills from Ted Lasso


Ted Lasso is the lovable television character who went from coaching American football to coaching a struggling English Premier League soccer team. Although he is not a soccer expert, he excels at developing people and teams. Ted uses wisdom and humour to navigate leadership challenges with confidence and empathy. His unconventional methods show that leadership… Read more »

Creating a Company Culture That Makes People Want to Stay with You


How To Build up Your Company's Reputation and Keep Your Customers Happy | Mercer Bradley

Your company culture is shown by the attitudes and behaviors of employees at all levels. They include the way staff interact with others, the values they hold, and the decisions they make. All of this impacts the work environment, leadership styles, and company goals. As a result, you want a culture that employees enjoy working… Read more »

Working from Home: How to Stay Balanced and Help Your Team Do the Same


Separating your professional and personal lives while working from home can be challenging. Here are some tips to make things easier. Mercer Bradley

With your team working from home during the coronavirus pandemic, finding a balance between work and home life can be challenging. Since there are no physical boundaries between your professional life and personal life, the mental boundaries can feel nonexistent. Managing your career and a household gets difficult, especially if you have kids at home…. Read more »

How Can You Help Your Teams Deal With Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt?


Times are stressful right now. People don’t like uncertainty, yet we are in the midst of the most uncertain times in recent history. How is it possible to reassure them when you may be as unsure as your employees? All you can really do is help them to develop coping strategies. Share these recommendations with… Read more »