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Your company culture is shown by the attitudes and behaviors of employees at all levels. They include the way staff interact with others, the values they hold, and the decisions they make. All of this impacts the work environment, leadership styles, and company goals. As a result, you want a culture that employees enjoy working in so they stay long-term.

Discover some tips to create an attractive company culture that encourages employees to stay with your organization.

Focus on Core Values

Your company’s core values should be apparent in every employee interaction. This shows what your organization stands for and how it operates. Examples include integrity, service, teamwork, respect, putting the customer first, and exceeding expectations. When staff members feel a sense of pride because they work for a business that lives its core values, they are more likely to remain long-term.

Share Performance Expectations

Employees must understand what they should be working on, what the desired results should look like, and how success will be measured. This promotes a culture of transparency and trust. When hard work is rewarded, staff members are more likely to perform their best. This encourages professional growth and promotion. Staff are less likely to seek outside employment when they are moving along a career path within your organization.

Increase Employee Engagement

Find out how engaged your team members are through a short survey. Consider having a third party conduct the survey and keep the answers anonymous to increase the number of honest answers. Topics may include whether the staff member feels their manager listens to them, recognizes their contributions, and provides the necessary tools and resources to do their job. Other subjects might involve whether the benefits seem fair and how satisfied the employee is with their job. Commit to making changes based on the results. A culture that engages employees encourages them to stay.

Actively Lead Your Team

Staff need someone to show them where they are going and how they can get there. This includes setting the individual and collective vision for your team and the organization. For instance, share some of the top company goals for the year and how your team can help attain them. Also, mention how the projects your team works on fit with company objectives. Further, let your employees decide how to organize and complete each role with minimal guidance. Plus, coach your team through project completion by asking questions and helping draw out ideas to solve their problems. The more you build up your staff, the more likely they will stay loyal.

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