Creating a Company Culture That Makes People Want to Stay with You


How To Build up Your Company's Reputation and Keep Your Customers Happy | Mercer Bradley

Your company culture is shown by the attitudes and behaviors of employees at all levels. They include the way staff interact with others, the values they hold, and the decisions they make. All of this impacts the work environment, leadership styles, and company goals. As a result, you want a culture that employees enjoy working… Read more »

Family Feeling Cooped Up? Here Are Some Awesome Summer Camp Ideas You Can Run in Your Backyard!


Implement any of these ideas to create a summer camp in your backyard. Mercer Bradley

With the coronavirus pandemic still going, you’re probably staying home a lot. Odds are, this is not how you or your children planned to enjoy their summer vacation. Instead of playing with other kids at parks, pools, or camps, they’re most likely playing by themselves at home. Fortunately, your kids don’t have to miss out… Read more »

Filling Business Gaps Series: Tips for Employing Temps Effectively


Many companies hire temporary workers to handle accounting responsibilities. Growing, entrepreneurial and startup businesses need temps to implement and train on new technology. Companies need assistance with business intelligence and data analytics projects. Whatever the reason, your company can benefit from hiring temporary workers to fill business gaps. Here’s how to effectively employ temporary workers…. Read more »