How Do You Define & Earn Flexibility in the Workplace?

How you define and earn flexibility in the workplace impacts how much flexibility you could be granted. For instance, you might define flexibility as a privilege earned through trust and tied to equity and be granted flexibility based on your personal needs. Providing every employee with the same flexibility likely would not meet their individual […]

Innovative Approaches to Performance Reviews

Innovative approaches to performance reviews tend to be more effective than traditional approaches to performance reviews. For instance, performance reviews that take place every quarter help convey more accurate, unbiased feedback about recent events. Conversely, performance reviews that take place annually tend to be less accurate because a significant amount of time passed. These reviews […]

Recognizing the Contribution of a Remote Team Member

How To Communicate Well in a Virtual World - Mercer Bradley

Recognizing the contributions of a remote team member shows you value, respect, and appreciate them. Recognizing remote workers may look a little different than how you recognize workers who are regularly in the office. Identifying this and shifting the focus will support team culture, collaboration, and cohesion. The results include greater innovation and a stronger […]

Part 2 – How to Maximize Your One-on-One Time with Your Leader

How to Face Disruption Mercer Bradley

Maximizing your one-on-one time with your leader provides you with key learning opportunities. Receiving and implementing constructive feedback supports professional growth. Showing up prepared for your one-on-ones helps you make the most of your time with your leader. The following suggestions can help. Implement these tips to maximize your one-on-one time with your leader. Understand […]

Part 1 – How to Maximize One-on-Ones with Your Team

How Are you _Really__ Why You Need to Care About and Care for Your Employees Mercer Bradley

Maximizing one-on-ones with your team helps you develop employee relationships, set expectations, and improve productivity. You can talk about each employee’s successes, priorities, challenges, professional development, and other relevant issues. Using a template for one-on-ones with your team helps maintain consistency. This list helps ensure you discuss essential topics and can review your notes before […]

Effective Interview Strategies When English Is Not Your First Language

Interviewing for a job typically is stressful. Interviewing when English is not your first language can be even more challenging. No matter your proficiency in English, you might find that using the language during an interview is more stressful than using your native language during an interview. Fortunately, you can practice using effective strategies when […]