Effective Interview Strategies with Multilingual Job Applicants

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Using effective interview strategies with multilingual job applicants contributes to company success. The ability to communicate with people of different cultures enhances employee engagement, performance, and productivity. The results include greater job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates.

Canada’s population includes a significant number of people who do not speak English as their first language. As a result, you should understand how to effectively interview multilingual job applicants to add the most qualified members to your accounting and finance team. These methods can help.

Choose among these effective strategies when interviewing multilingual job applicants.

Monitor Your Body Language

The majority of communication is shared through body language. As a result, you should monitor your eye contact, tone, intonation, gestures, posture, and personal space when interviewing a multilingual job applicant:

  • Understand how different handshakes send different signals among cultures.
  • Know that some cultures view direct eye contact as disrespectful. If someone isn’t making eye contact with you this could be why!
  • Be aware that certain gestures, such as a thumbs up, can be interpreted as offensive.

Steps for Interviewing a Multilingual Job Applicant

  • Learn the cultural standards and norms of the job applicant before you interview them.
  • Mirror the applicant’s image, gestures, and tone of voice.
  • Stay focused on the conversation and listen harder to what the candidate is saying.
  • Ask for clarification when necessary.

Learn the Candidate’s Name

Learn how to pronounce the job applicant’s name before the interview. Or, when you meet the applicant, ask how to pronounce their name. This action shows you respect the applicant and want to build rapport.

Engage in Small Talk

Participating in small talk helps put you and the job applicant at ease. This participation supports relationship-building and applicant engagement:

  • Facilitating small talk shows you are honest and sincere.
  • Will provide your applicant time to relax allowing them to communicate more effectively.
  • Provides an opportunity for you to become familiar with their accent and manner of speaking.
  • Taking the time to get to know a job applicant shows you care about their well-being and success.
  • Demonstrating the importance of small talk & warmth provides insight into your company’s culture.
  • This insight lets the job applicant know what would be expected of them if they become a part of your team.

Choose Simple Words

Use simple words when talking with the multilingual job applicant. For example:

  • Replace “deem” with “use”
  • Say “rush” rather than “expedite”
  • Substitute “use” for “leverage”
  • Avoid using jargon or slang words that can be misinterpreted

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