What Stories Do Your Financials Tell? (And Why Does It Matter to Your Employees?)


Explaining the numbers on the financial documents with stories shows employees why the numbers and how their behaviors impact them. Mercer Bradley

All of the numbers on your company’s financial statements have a story about how they came to be. Communicating the numbers and the stories behind them shows employees why they matter. When employees have a clear understanding of how their day-to-day decisions and actions impact the company’s financials, they make more informed decisions in the… Read more »

Small Biz Series: Balancing Profitability and Your Workforce


Improving productivity and efficiency in your workforce helps to optimize your business. Being able to produce substantial volumes of high-quality products/services while using existing resources can increase your bottom line. Knowing the difference between productivity and efficiency and what impacts them helps you to increase both and improve business results. Profitability Tips For Small Businesses… Read more »