How to Make a Great First Impression When Starting a New Job


Starting a new job can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Making a positive first impression is crucial, as it sets the tone for your future interactions with your employer and colleagues. Here are some things to keep in mind: Dress appropriately: Make sure to dress according to the company’s dress code. If in doubt, it’s… Read more »

Professional Skills to Cultivate Throughout Your Career


After learning to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, accountants are more prepared than ever to close out the year. Here's why. Mercer Bradley

Cultivating professional skills throughout your accounting career helps you grow professionally. The more value you add to an organization, the more opportunities you have for advancement. Developing relevant hard and soft skills helps you remain engaged and productive at work. It also increases your job satisfaction and tenure with an employer. This benefits your career… Read more »

Employee Retention Starts Sooner Than You Think!


We are working in a highly competitive candidate market. This is why extending an offer and receiving acceptance do not always mean your candidate starts and transitions as planned. When you hire, your candidate may have been actively pursuing other roles. This means there still is competition for roles that they previously applied or interviewed… Read more »

Building Healthy and Smarter Habits for the Future of Work


Building Healthy and Smarter Habits for the Future of Work Mercer Bradley

The habits you build today impact your quality of life. Similarly, the decisions you make now impact what happens down the road. This is why you need to be taking action in line with your short- and long-term personal and professional goals. This process lets you become the best version of yourself. Choose among these… Read more »

The Importance of Meaningful Work


Having meaningful work provides you an abundance of benefits. For instance, you likely put in additional time each week, contribute at your best level, and rarely are absent. You probably remain engaged and productive and have a high level of job satisfaction as well. This typically results in longevity with your organization and ongoing career… Read more »

Still Want to Work from Home: Here Are the Pros and Cons It Has on Your Career


Still Want to Work from Home: Here Are the Pros and Cons It Has on Your Career Mercer Bradley

Like millions of employees, you may be working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Since it may be a year or longer since you made the transition from onsite to remote, you may be enjoying the setup and not want to return to the office. As tempting as this may feel, you need to weigh… Read more »

What Soft Skills Do You Need for A Successful Professional Career?


Throughout your accounting career, you need to exhibit both soft and hard skills. You want the technical savvy and interpersonal skills to continue advancing professionally. Building these skills not only make you more confident in your career but more marketable in an ever-changing career landscape. What Soft Skills Do You Need for A Successful Professional… Read more »

Being a Team Player Also Means Saying No Sometimes


Being A Team Player Also Means Saying No Sometimes Mercer Bradley

As an accounting and finance professional, your role sometimes involves additional work, longer hours, and tasks not included in your job description. Since you want to be seen as a team player, you go above and beyond expectations to help your team perform its best. However, you need to keep an eye on how much… Read more »

Developing Your Skills While Doing the 9 to 5


Mercer Bradley_Developing Your Skills While Doing The 9 to 5

As an accounting and finance employee, career advancement is a top priority. This involves developing the knowledge, skills, and experience required to take on additional responsibility. One way to accomplish this is by developing your skillset during the work week. By finding ways to increase the value you provide your employer, you set yourself up… Read more »

Career Lattice Series: What Jobs Are Available in an Accounting Career?


New Career Skills You Never Thought You'd Need | Mercer Bradley

Earning an accounting degree opens up a variety of career paths. Accounting professionals can work in all industries and choose any field that interests them. Although specific duties vary, here are some ideas of what to expect in a few paths for an accounting career.      5 Jobs In the Accounting Career Lattice (Not Ladder)… Read more »