Developing Your Skills While Doing the 9 to 5

Mercer Bradley_Developing Your Skills While Doing The 9 to 5

As an accounting and finance employee, career advancement is a top priority. This involves developing the knowledge, skills, and experience required to take on additional responsibility. One way to accomplish this is by developing your skillset during the work week. By finding ways to increase the value you provide your employer, you set yourself up […]

New Career Skills You Never Thought You’d Need

New Career Skills You Never Thought You'd Need | Mercer Bradley

As you move along in your accounting & finance career, you pick up new skills. Adding technical skills and cultivating soft skills are two key parts of career advancement. However, one aspect of moving up the ladder that often is overlooked involves introspection. Close evaluation of your mental and emotional processes provides insight into how […]

Accounting Recruiter: Your Job-Search Secret Weapon

When searching for your next accounting position in Canada, partner with a recruiter who specializes in the industry. You may be able to secure a role in less time and earn greater salary and benefits than you would working on your own. The Benefits of Working With An Accounting Recruiter  Gain Access to the Hidden […]

First Impressions Make or Break an Interview: Why?

During an interview, first impressions are vital to your success. The interviewer’s initial opinion of you substantially influences whether you receive a job offer later. Here are some reasons why first impressions make or break an interview. 1) Initial Information When individuals evaluate others, they weigh their initial information more heavily than their later information. […]