What Soft Skills Do You Need for A Successful Professional Career?

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Throughout your accounting career, you need to exhibit both soft and hard skills. You want the technical savvy and interpersonal skills to continue advancing professionally. Building these skills not only make you more confident in your career but more marketable in an ever-changing career landscape.

What Soft Skills Do You Need for A Successful Professional Career?

5 Essential Soft Skills for 2021?

Soft skills are less tangible and harder to qualify than hard skills. Like hard skills, soft skills may be enhanced over time. For example, business acumen may be developed by learning as much as you can about your company’s long-term goals and challenges, then asking for cross-departmental assignments and project management opportunities.

1. Leadership skills

These skills can be enhanced by asking to take on a new project or fill in for a manager. You don’t have to be the boss to be influential. We all know that culture is essential to the long-term success of an organization.

Check out this video for ideas on how to promote positive culture trends where you work.


2. Written and verbal communication

You can start developing these skills by telling the story behind the numbers in a manner that non-financial individuals understand.

3. Relationship building

This may be one of the most important soft skills.  You can start at any point by cultivated by fostering genuine relationships with coworkers in all departments.

4. Intellectual curiosity

Your career can be enhanced by taking advantage of training offered by your company, attending seminars or conferences, earning an accounting certificate, degree or designation, or participating in a professional organization.

5. Adaptability

While IQ and EQ (emotional quotient) is important to any career, your AQ, or Adaptability Quotient is just as important.  The world is changing at a rapid pace, and you and perfectly placed to help your organizations adapt and succeed.

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Your Hard Skills are still important, of course!

Hard skills are specific, defined, measurable and teachable abilities. They may be learned in school or through books and verified by earning a professional certificate, university degree or accounting designation. There typically are designated levels of competency and a set path for excelling. The rules remain the same no matter which business or circumstances you are in at a given time. Examples of hard skills include proficiency in using accounting software programs, knowing how to prepare and interpret financial statements and other reports, developing efficient financial reporting methods, and planning and implementing accounting controls. Other examples include collaborating with regulators and external auditors, remaining current on accounting issues and changes in industry regulations, and strictly adhering to regulations, procedures and practices.

What’s so Important about balancing Soft and Hard Skills?

Because of increasing expectations for accountants, possessing a variety of soft and hard skills is imperative. Although technical expertise can easily be assessed and trained, soft skills are needed to meet both company and client needs. Many accountants serve as strategic advisors, collaborate with various departments or work with external contacts. At the senior level, accountants are expected to build influence across the organization, communicate with internal and external stakeholders, and serve as business partners.

People-Focused Accounting Recruitment

As a professional recruitment firm that includes Chartered Professional Accountants, we have worked in every aspect of accounting, with every size of company, in virtually every industry sector.

As accountants, numbers are important to us, but not as important as people. Our accounting agency is successful because we focus on individuals. Whether it’s a client looking to hire, or a candidate searching for a job, by working closely with people, we make great matches.

What do people have to say about working with Mercer Bradley?


We encountered a major disruption in our accounting department. A couple of emails and a couple of calls later, Angela had placed an exceptional individual in our operation on an interim basis. I cannot thank Angela, and Mercer Bradley, enough for how they helped us with what really could have been a catastrophic situation.

Graham Davis GM Manitoba Club


Mercer Bradley and particularly Angela Chambers have always been there for me, particularly in the later stages of my career!

Al B


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