Along with competitive pay and excellent benefits, top performers look to company culture when deciding where to work. When their personal values and beliefs align with a company’s, the professional remains engaged, thriving, and loyal to the organization. For these reasons, you want to create the most appealing culture possible so that top-notch workers see your company as an employer of choice.

Corporate Culture Tips That Are Magnetic To Top Talent

Tip #1: Create a Strong Company Culture

Build a strong culture that reflects your company’s mission, values, and beliefs. Elements of a strong culture include teamwork, integrity, safety, people focus, customer success, quality, innovation, and recognition. Culture must address and enhance employees’ workplace experiences in a way that creates a motivated workforce that achieves both company goals and individual career goals. Culture may include working conditions and hours, work-life balance, a team-oriented approach to decision-making, what the physical space of a company is like, and other relevant information.

 Tip #2: Enhance Company Culture

Ask employees what matters most to them in creating a strong culture. Answers may include providing opportunities for training and professional development, encouraging ideas to promote innovation, providing proper resources to complete tasks, or offering adequate bonuses, salary increases, and opportunities for advancement. Develop language that consistently portrays your culture and can be used in recruitment initiatives and materials.

Tip #3: Carry Out Company Culture

Ensure that company culture is carried out from the top down in every interaction with employees, customers, and the community. Culture must be deeply embedded into and reinforced through meetings, company emails, and informal conversations. All employees must buy into company culture and believe their needs are being met for culture to take root. Employees also need to live by company values, lead by example, and stop behaviors that go against company standards and cultural norms.

Tip #4: Use Company Culture to Attract Talent

Use your strong company culture to attract top performers. They want to work where their contributions are recognized and success is rewarded. To promote your culture, advertise it on your website, publications, and job postings. Promote your mission statement, values, and beliefs all over your place of business. Encourage employees to share your culture on social media through pictures of company outings, community service projects, and successful project completion.

 Tip #5: Interview for Cultural Fit

When interviewing candidates, ensure they fit with company culture. Even the most qualified candidates will not thrive if they do not model values and beliefs in line with the company. Ask questions such as “What attracted you most to our company?” “What interests you most about working here?” “What things in your life matter most to you?” “How would you describe a perfect company culture?”

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