Angela delivers a high quality service. She is thorough, works quickly, and delivers on her promises. Every employee that she has sent to us has been a strong performer.

Solomon J, HR Manager, Financial Services Company

Communication and trust were amazing with Angela.

Kyle G, Permanent Candidate, Financial Services Company

You are very thoughtful in the candidates you present – very much thinking thru a match.

Melissa D, Director of Human Resources, Retail Company

I wouldn’t have made a move from my past job without Angela

Warren K, Permanent Candidate, Professional Services Company

My new role aligns with my career goals. I am confident that it will help me grow and succeed. Thanks for your support! I would use Mercer Bradley again in my job search. They provided a personalized and professional approach that resulted in finding a great fit for me. I appreciate their expertise and guidance throughout the process. I would definitely recommend your company to a friend or colleague. Your professionalism and support during my job search were exceptional.

Kevin G, Permanent Candidate, Retail Industry

The process was simple, the staff were professional and efficient providing us with applicants who had the skills we were

Tammi B, HR Manager, Agriculture Company

I was provided detailed information about my job, environment and coworkers. I appreciate your help.

Gurpreet G, Temporary Candidate, Financial Services Company

Reduced a lot of the administrative work that comes with hiring a new team member, Also found candidates that may not have applied for the position.
Communication from MB was great, lots of follow up on potential candidates and asked lots of great questions to even start to ensure they can find the best fit for your organization.

Louise S, Manager, Payroll, Manufacturing Company

I would like to thank Angela for all her help while I was trying to look for work. She always kept me in mind for job positions and she’s very encouraging and supportive

Heydy H, Permanent Candidate, Professional Services

This team is amazing! They are always two steps ahead.

Nilesh N, Permanent Candidate, Financial Services Industry