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Very professional and very informed with the accounting job market. Very responsive to emails and phone calls when we had questions. Really well done. Recruiters appear to have waited for the appropriate candidates before contacting us; we never felt pressured.
Alex Lee, Symmetry Asset Management Inc. (Edmonton)

Our new employee is the perfect fit for the position and the company. [It’s] always a pleasure working with Mercer Bradley.
Cynthia Hanwell, Arctic Glacier (Winnipeg)

A suitable replacement was brought forward as soon as we notified Mercer Bradley of the need. The contract term extension to five months was very helpful. It takes candidates a while to assess if the position is right for them and to find a new position before giving notice.
Happy Mercer Bradley client (Winnipeg)

The candidate I hired was a result of an unsolicited email, and happened to be an ideal candidate for a position a recent hire was unable to handle, so the timing was impeccable .
Mercer Bradley Client who made a great hire

I always got good service, from being an employee looking for a new position to a manager looking for new talent.
Jason Boothe (Winnipeg)

Our account manager sent us a candidate that he highly recommended; although we were not recruiting for the role, we hired her. His proactive approach is appreciated. He is a pleasure to work with.
JoAnne Mather, ClearStream Energy Services (Edmonton)

Mercer Bradley was great to work with. They were able to answer all my questions, provide additional information when requested and was always timely in getting back to me. They are always professional and polite. We have successfully filled a number of accounting positions at my current employer through Mercer Bradley.
Kristi Cheetham, Motor Coach Industries (Winnipeg)

With the hiring of our new employee, we worked withMercer Bradley, all of whom were very professional and helpful with the process. Our experience with Mercer Bradley has always been positive and has resulted in the hiring of a number of quality accounting staff. Mercer Bradley is our first point of contact when we need to fill a position.
Kristi Cheetham, Motor Coach Industries (Winnipeg)

The Edmonton team has been a big help in the last couple of months. I think they’ve found me two great new accounting employees.
Linda McDonald, Formerly of Wajax Industries (Edmonton)

My account manager met with me and was able to accurately and quickly assess and meet our needs with a suitable candidate. He not only listened to what we were saying, but he immediately found a suitable candidate who not only passed our interview, but is fitting in well with the team. I really appreciated Mercer Bradley’s approach to assisting us in finding someone to fill this necessary accounting role.
Nikki Swinton, Alberta Pensions Services (Edmonton)

Mercer Bradley communicated well in their tone and proven experience in advising and selection of an appropriate candidate to fit within our company and culture. We certainly would use Mercer Bradley should our internal HR recruiters not be able to hire a suitable candidate for an accounting position.
Sharon Sush, ATB (Edmonton)

The Mercer Bradley team were able to provide a very suitable accounting candidate that fit our corporate needs and culture. A huge thank you to them all! Mercer Bradley completed the necessary candidate testing for the role to ensure competencies were met for the position. Thank you for the support and assistance in placing our new employee. He is great addition to our team!
Sharon Sush, ATB (Edmonton)

Job Seekers

I just want to thank Mercer Bradley for their hard work. I am surprised at how fast this all occurred, and I think your amazing ability to steer, followup and push things to completion is what made this happen. They quickly and succinctly summarize thoughts and put words into action. I know this wonderful accounting opportunity would have passed me by had it not been for Mercer Bradley. Thank you for thinking of me and hopefully making a good match for both parties.

Val (Winnipeg)

It was great to see how there was care and effort by the Mercer Bradley team in finding out who I was, what my goals were and then finding accounting opportunities that would compliment me, and would be a good fit for both parties involved.  Too many of the other recruiters simply provided me list of postings without any consideration of what I would be looking for or whether the work environment would be a good fit.

Cam Kroeker, CA (Winnipeg)

My recruiter at Mercer Bradley gives wise advice, which always turns out useful.

Anges Huang (Vancouver)

The Mercer Bradley accounting recruitment team have been wonderful!

Aisling Hunter (Edmonton)

My recruiter at Mercer Bradley was excellent and a tremendous assistance in landing the job.

Alan Stewert (Edmonton)

My experience was amazing. My recruiter was unbelievable…she backed up every promise she made with results. She helped me find an amazing accounting job.

Angela Corbin (Winnipeg)

I worked with my Mercer Bradley recruiter most of the time, but the whole team was great to work with. They were very professional, took the time to get to know me and the company I wanted to work for. I used a recruiter in the past, but this is the first time a recruiter was able to find an accounting job for me that I felt was a good fit.

Daryl Hagens (Edmonton)

My recruiter at Mercer Bradley was always ready to answer questions, check up on me when I started in my new accounting position and was very helpful.

Germaine Foubert (Winnipeg)

My Mercer Bradley experience was very good. The Edmonton team made a very tailored approach for my search.

Gustovo de Leon (Edmonton)

My accounting recruiter at Mercer Bradley was fantastic and instrumental in my job search.

Jie Quan (Edmonton)

My recruiter was very communicative and helpful throughout the process. I am pleased to have been placed into a new opportunity.

Jim MacCallum (Vancouver)

Mercer Bradley, with a personal touch, makes the recruiter/job seeker relationship more human and friendly. Love your online efficient system of tracking hours and having them approved online. Sure beats the old paper and fax method.

Karl Vietniks (Vancouver)

Mercer Bradley found me exactly the accounting job I was looking for!

Katja Nachtigall (Edmonton)

Mercer Bradley had me come in, within a week, they had found me a job.

Kelly Breitkreuz (Edmonton)

My Mercer Bradley recruiter was exceptional, and is very good at what she does. I could not have found a better accounting job on my own. Love the new job, it is a perfect fit! Thanks again!

Kim Devloo (Winnipeg)

My experience was very good. I really liked when the online time card was introduced. It worked really well!

Leona Slack (Winnipeg)

The Mercer Bradley staff was very nice to work with and did a good job matching me with a company. It at least seemed they were as concerned about fitting me with a good opportunity as they were with filling quotas. Some of the other agencies I interviewed with did not give me the impression that I mattered to them as a person.

Michael Grey (Edmonton)

My recruiter at Mercer Bradley takes the time to keep in touch with me even when he doesn’t have anything for me. I believe he has my best interests in mind. I have worked as a temporary several times in my life for various reasons. Mercer Bradley is not one of those companies that takes your resume and forgets about you.

Nancy Jordan (Edmonton)

I had been in a car accident, and my recruiter volunteered to drive me to a Mercer Bradley client interview. This was above and beyond, as he drove me to another [non-MB] interview first (one I had secured for myself), picked me up from there, and then drove me to my MB interview. Talk about going above and beyond…

Peter Oomen (Edmonton)

I really enjoy working with Mercer Bradley. They are very professional, hardworking and have great integrity.

Suzara Andrade (Vancouver)

My recruiter assured me that with the accounting skills I have she would have no problem finding suitable employment. And I am now permanently employed. Yeah! The Mercer Bradley team is excellent.

Tammy Le Floch (Winnipeg)

It was a pleasure to work with Mercer Bradley’s professional staff.

Tetyana Spano (Edmonton)

Mercer Bradley stayed in regular touch even when I was not actively looking for a position and built the personal aspect of the relationship so well that it was a no brainer – my first choice was Mercer Bradley for recruiting services. My recruiter was in regular contact, offered valuable insight into the role and always maintained a pleasant and positive attitude with honest feedback.

Todd Stevenson (Vancouver)

With other agencies, It felt like they didn’t care about me, only themselves. Didn’t get that feeling at all with Mercer Bradley.

Wendy Dunne (Edmonton)