Having meaningful work provides you an abundance of benefits. For instance, you likely put in additional time each week, contribute at your best level, and rarely are absent. You probably remain engaged and productive and have a high level of job satisfaction as well. This typically results in longevity with your organization and ongoing career fulfillment.

Discover some common job characteristics of employees who find meaning in the work they do.

Having Control over the Process

You should be able to decide how to approach your work and make your contributions. This includes being encouraged to individually or collaboratively develop ideas, define your process, and create a finished product. As long as you deliver the desired results, how you attain them should be up to you.

Being Encouraged to Innovate

Meaningful work involves innovation. The more ideas you are encouraged to develop, the happier you will be. Even when things do not turn out as planned, you can look at what went wrong and how it can be improved, then try again. Eventually, you will gain a finished product to take pride in.

Serving a Higher Purpose

When your efforts contribute to a goal that helps a significant number of people, you feel professionally fulfilled. This is especially true when you are able to increase your responsibilities and impact a larger audience. Growth opportunities allow you to expand and deepen the reach of your work, providing additional job satisfaction.

Participating in Professional Development

Adding to your skillset is important for career development. You can gain skills through webinars, online courses, or on-the-job training. Then, you can implement what you learned by helping a colleague, taking on stretch assignments, or cross-training in another role or department. This keeps you moving forward on your career path.

Maintaining Work-Life Integration

Keeping boundaries between your work time and personal time is important. You can structure your schedule to fit in your professional responsibilities and personal interests each day. Having time to do what matters most is necessary for professional and personal fulfillment.

Maximizing Your Potential

The work you do needs to capitalize on your skills and talents. Doing what you excel at and are interested in encourages you to overcome the challenges you face while fulfilling your responsibilities. This promotes the learning and growth that help you professionally and personally develop into the person you are meant to be.

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