Employee Retention Starts Sooner Than You Think!

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We are working in a highly competitive candidate market. This is why extending an offer and receiving acceptance do not always mean your candidate starts and transitions as planned.

When you hire, your candidate may have been actively pursuing other roles. This means there still is competition for roles that they previously applied or interviewed for. As a result, your candidate may decide to work for another employer.

Half of all candidates who resign receive a counteroffer from their current employers. This may occur at the time the employee gives notice, during the notice period, or after the candidate starts their new job. An offer of increased pay, benefits, or perks may encourage these candidates to remain with or return to their current employers.

These are reasons why your retention efforts need to start when you extend a job offer. Your new hires are more likely to work for your company long-term when you actively begin to engage with them before their first day begins.


Implement these tips to increase the odds of retaining the accounting and finance employees you hire.


After Acceptance of a Job Offer

  • Reach out to congratulate your new employee. Communicate how excited you are to have them join your team.
  • If possible, assign an ambassador who will periodically connect with your new employee during the notice period. This does not have to be the same person; it could be multiple co-workers or peers. Ask the ambassador to connect with your new employee one time for every 2 weeks of the notice period.

Before the Start Date

  • Consider sending your new employee some company swag. This helps them feel connected to your organization and brand.
  • If appropriate, order and send your new employee their business cards. Let them see their name and title with your company name.
  • If working from home, send your new employee their complete technology package. Allow enough time for them to set up and learn the technology.
  • Invite your new employee to any planned company events.
  • Ensure your new employee’s office or workstation is ready and welcoming
  • Send a welcome to the team email to your staff that includes  their background/bio and copy your new hire. Consider a welcome announcement on LinkedIn or your company webpage.
  • Provide any onboarding documentation and/or background information that can be completed prior to their start date
  • The day before the start date send welcome email or text message from the hiring manager.

On the First Day

  • Provide a partner to show your new employee how to use office equipment and office norms.
  • Make sure your new employee knows where the coffee, washroom, lunchroom, great lunch spots, and other important locations are. This helps ease the transition from someone who knew everything about their previous workplace to someone who knows nothing about their new one.
  • Organize the first-day lunch for your new employee with a colleague or a peer group.
  • Stay close to your new employee. Commit to regular check-ins to ensure they feel settled.


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