Developing Your Skills While Doing the 9 to 5

Mercer Bradley_Developing Your Skills While Doing The 9 to 5

As an accounting and finance employee, career advancement is a top priority. This involves developing the knowledge, skills, and experience required to take on additional responsibility. One way to accomplish this is by developing your skillset during the work week. By finding ways to increase the value you provide your employer, you set yourself up […]

New Career Skills You Never Thought You’d Need

New Career Skills You Never Thought You'd Need | Mercer Bradley

As you move along in your accounting & finance career, you pick up new skills. Adding technical skills and cultivating soft skills are two key parts of career advancement. However, one aspect of moving up the ladder that often is overlooked involves introspection. Close evaluation of your mental and emotional processes provides insight into how […]

Small Biz Series: What’s the Difference Between a Bookkeeper and a Controller?

Your company’s size determines the needs of its accounting department. The bigger your business, the more professionals needed to keep track of its finances. As your team grows, you may have a need for both a bookkeeper and controller to oversee the daily accounting functions and plan for your financial future. Although both roles are […]

Why Is It So Important to Stay in Touch With Your Recruiter?

Staying in touch with your recruiter is imperative to your job search. Here are some benefits you’ll receive when calling, emailing or texting your recruiter monthly or as needed. Create Relationship Regularly communicating with your recruiter helps you build a strong relationship. Let them know what’s going on with your current role, whether you’re searching […]