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The success of your business relies a great deal on how well your company performs during uncertain times. During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the firms you have as partners and vendors have a significant impact on your organization’s ability to continue operations. Although partner firms and vendors may appear to provide similar functions, their motivations for providing services are substantially diverse.

Find out how a partner firm is different from a vendor and why you should choose Mercer Bradley as a partner.

Differences Between a Partner Firm and Vendor  

A partner firm may be defined as a firm with critical expertise and resources that is aligned, integrated, and committed to your success. Your success takes priority over the firm’s success. A vendor may be defined as a firm that agrees to provide expertise and resources around a set of agreed-upon services in exchange for an agreed-upon financial transaction. As a business leader, you need to choose the right partners and limit your number of vendors. Whereas a partner has your best interest in mind, a vendor may have their own best interest in mind. Although a partner will help you during uncertain times, a vendor might not.

Characteristics of a Partner Firm

A partner firm and your company have shared success factors. These include key performance indicators (KPIs) and other methods to measure success. Having shared KPIs means greater rewards for both organizations because they work together to achieve results. Since the financial structure is agreed upon at the beginning of the relationship and not discussed until the next term, the relationship, business results, and goals of the partner firm and your company are the focal point, not billing, additional quotes, or increases. This allows the partner firm to provide services and recommend actions without having the motivation questioned. These services and recommendations continue under any circumstances, including uncertain times.

Importance of Having a Partner Firm

A partner firm shares your company vision, is committed to your mission, and is rewarded based on the firm’s contributions to and impact on your organization’s success. A partner firm provides a significant range of flexible resources that can be scaled up and down based on your company’s needs.

At Mercer Bradley, we talk with you in-depth about your organization, culture, and business needs. We ask questions to develop a thorough understanding of what you are looking for in a candidate, including skills, experience, knowledge, and education. We use your information to develop a plan to fill your accounting and finance staffing needs. Our ability to provide professionals on a temporary, consulting, contract, or direct-hire basis lets you scale the use of our services. Your success is our success.

Choose Mercer Bradley as a Partner Firm

Make Mercer Bradley your partner firm for hiring accounting and finance professionals. As a leading staffing provider and recruitment specialist in Western Canada, we focus on your business needs to create matches that work both short- and long-term. Partner with us today.

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