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Hiring for your accounting and finance team is a challenging process. You want a candidate with the right combination of education, skills, and experience to succeed in the role. This is why hiring internally can be so appealing. You know the candidate already was vetted, understands your company culture, and likely needs less time for training.

The problem with internal hiring is that sometimes you have to pass over the candidates because they lack the qualifications. Or, you may need to select from several internal candidates, some of which you may have a close relationship.

Not being selected for an open position can cause frustration for internal candidates. They may become disengaged and less productive. The internal candidates also might decide to find employment elsewhere. Fortunately, you can take action to reduce the risk of this happening.

The following suggestions can help you hire internal candidates to increase your retention rates.

Reasons to Hire Internal Talent

Internal candidates often make great hires.

  • Internal candidates have a strong knowledge of your company culture, processes, and operations.
  • They have existing relationships with other employees in your organization.
  • Internal candidates typically require less time and money for training.
  • Hiring internal candidates shows your other employees that they have a future with the company.
  • Your employees are more likely to look within your organization for their next career opportunity.

Job Applications from Internal Talent

Most job openings receive applications from multiple internal employees. If there is only one role to fill, and you hire internally, all but one of the internal applicants will be turned down.

  • Most internal candidates will be dissatisfied with not receiving a job offer.
  • These candidates are likely to leave your company.
  • Other employees may become discouraged and disengage from their work.
  • These employees may feel they have no room for advancement and decide to look for employment elsewhere.
  • The lost productivity and increased recruitment costs can quickly add up.

Management of Talent

You can turn down internal candidates for jobs while minimizing turnover for these employees.

  • Identify which internal candidates you want to keep.
  • Develop coaching plans to redirect these employees to jobs within your organization they may be better equipped for.
  • Share feedback – Create clear goals and development paths for these employees to accomplish that assists them in achieving their goals.
  • Point out specific actions these employees can take to improve their performance.
  • Your employees who were turned down for jobs are more likely to remain with your organization when they see clear paths for other career opportunities.

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