Bringing aboard temporary finance professionals can provide your company with many benefits. Because the workers are employees of the staffing agency, you typically have more advantages than if you hired the workers as full-time employees.

Here are 5 ways temporary accounting industry professionals can help your company grow.

#1: Maintain Flexibility

You maintain flexibility in your workforce. For example, you can bring aboard workers during busy times or company expansions and let the workers move to other opportunities when your business slows. Also, your employees remain productive but not overworked. In addition, if you’re impressed with a temporary worker’s skills, personality and performance, you may be able to hire them on full-time. Furthermore, if a worker’s output isn’t meeting your expectations, you can request that another worker be sent in their place.

#2: Gain Experts

You benefit from the knowledge of experts in your industry. For example, many temporary workers are top professionals who bring a variety of skills and experience that your company may not have otherwise. This is often the case with retirees looking for short-term projects. Also, when you work with a niche-based staffing company, you have access to pre-screened, top professionals who excel in your field. In addition, because you’re working with experts, they can easily assimilate into your organization and quickly begin producing.

#3: Save Time and Money

You save time and money. For example, temporary workers can fill in when your employees are absent due to illness, vacation, leave or other reasons so that production continues. Also, because the staffing agency remains the employer of record, you pay for the workers’ wages and the agency provides benefits, handles payroll and deals with other employment-related issues. In addition, you can evaluate temporary workers’ performance before deciding whether to hire them on full-time. Furthermore, it may cost less to hire a temporary worker instead of a part-time employee to complete a short-term project. Plus, because temporary workers have already been screened and trained, they can be at your company relatively quickly to begin completing tasks.

#4: Reduce Risks

You reduce risks. For example, because the staffing agency is the employer of record, the agency is responsible for providing required insurance, handling taxes and complying with labor laws and regulations. Also, the agency handles hiring, replacing and letting go of temporary workers. In addition, if legal issues arise with temporary workers, the agency is typically responsible for resolving them.

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