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Recognizing the contributions of a remote team member shows you value, respect, and appreciate them. Recognizing remote workers may look a little different than how you recognize workers who are regularly in the office. Identifying this and shifting the focus will support team culture, collaboration, and cohesion. The results include greater innovation and a stronger bottom line.

As a result, you should regularly recognize the contributions of each remote team member. These methods can help.

Choose among these methods to recognize the contributions of a remote team member.

Provide Your Remote Team with Sit-Stand Desks

Since your remote team members are likely utilizing personal space and furniture as workstations, they likely would appreciate sit-stand desks:

  • Sit-stand desks can fit virtually any work area.
  • These desks typically cost less than traditional desks.
  • The ability to sit or stand while working minimizes ergonomic issues for your remote team members.
  • Having a set workspace supports engagement and productivity.

Offer Customized Perks for Your Remote Team

Talk with your remote team about which perks they would prefer to acknowledge their contributions. Examples include:

  • Stipend for fitness classes
  • Healthy snack delivery service
  • Meal kit delivery service
  • Television and movie streaming platforms
  • Home cleaning service

Acknowledge Unique Milestones of Remote Teams

Recognize small wins in your remote team’s work methods to maintain humor and positivity:

  • Consider giving a shout-out at the end of a Zoom meeting where nobody forgot they were muted or there were no technical difficulties.
  • Have a pet of the month award for our furry friends who make appearances.
  • Acknowledge unique art or interesting backgrounds.
  • Share customer feedback.

Recognize Remote Team Member Contributions During One-on-Ones

Focus on status updates, information sharing, long-term learning and development, and your remote team member’s latest contributions during one-on-ones:

  • Include specific accomplishments, the steps taken, and the impact on your organization.
  • Show that you value and appreciate your remote team member’s actions and results.

Create a Celebration e-Newsletter

Implement a monthly electronic newsletter to highlight your remote team members’ achievements. You might include the following information:

  • Staff bios so everyone can get to know team members that are remote
  • Birthdays
  • Home purchases
  • Family additions
  • Certificates or degrees earned
  • Goals reached
  • Years of service

Organize Remote Team Appreciation Day

Schedule a virtual appreciation day for your remote team members:

  • Choose a fun theme and ask your team to dress accordingly.
  • Include virtual backgrounds that align with your theme.
  • Schedule leaders to speak to your remote team.
  • Have lunch delivered to your remote team members.
  • Consider giving your remote team the afternoon off.

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