How to Communicate And Engage Well in a Virtual World

How To Communicate Well in a Virtual World - Mercer Bradley

Since the onset of the coronavirus, more business communication has been occurring through video conferencing. Because of the ease with which employees in different locations can communicate, the use of video conferencing is here to stay. As a result, you need to find ways to connect with your virtual audience to keep them engaged. We’re […]

Audit Risks in a COVID and Post-COVID World

Audit Risk Post COVID - Mercer Bradley

As an accounting employee at a company that had a 2020 fiscal year end, your organization may be audited this year. If so, there are certain areas that may provide increased risks of material misstatement for the audit. Resolving potential issues in these areas can contribute to successful audit results. Be sure you pay attention […]

The Great Reopening: How to Manage Employee Expectations

The Great Reopening: How to Manage Employee Expectations Mercer Bradley

After over a year of working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, it will soon be time for employees to begin returning to the office. Since many may feel that they finally found a way to integrate educating and raising their kids while fitting in work, they may not be ready to transition back. Whether your […]

Accounting Conferences You Should Attend in 2019

As a Canadian accounting professional, you should be attending conferences related to your field. You gain opportunities to network with other professionals while staying current on industry news and trends. Here are four accounting conferences you may want to attend in 2019. 4 Accounting and Finance Conferences That Can Boost Your Career This Year 1. […]

6 Times You’ll Need to Hire an Accounting Consultant

Because accounts play a vital role in your company’s success, it’s important you have the right professionals in place at all times. When accounting tasks go unfulfilled, your company has a harder time remaining productive and achieving its goals. Fortunately, you can partner with consultants to temporarily fill vacant roles. Here are the top 6 […]