Benefits of Being Willing to Accept a New Job


Benefits of Being Willing to Accept a New Job Mercer Bradley

Deciding to move to a new accounting and finance job can help with your career advancement. With the significant number of companies hiring, now is a good time to start your job search. The potential for increased income and new skills can help you reach your professional goals. Discover three reasons to change to a… Read more »

Accounting Career Outlook for 2019


As an accounting professional, the industry outlook for 2019 is in your favor. With a shortage in both skills and accounting candidates, your skills are in demand! You also face increased opportunities to move your accounting career forward. What does the Accounting Profession Look Like For 2019? Skills Shortages (You’re in Demand!) Most employers in… Read more »

Tips for Explaining Financial Concepts to Non-Finance People


Explaining financial concepts to non-finance people can be challenging. People may be intimidated by financial data because of the jargon or because they lack financial literacy. In any case, a fair knowledge of understanding and analyzing financial reports is required for professionals to connect the business and external environmental factors to help with company growth…. Read more »