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If you feel unfocused and unproductive at work, take a look at your workspace. If your work area is cluttered, you probably have difficulty finding meeting notes, project plans, or other important information. This lack of organization could be contributing to your disengagement at work.

Decluttering your workspace may be the best way to increase your productivity. Knowing where everything is and having only what you need near you helps you focus on your tasks.

Decluttering your workspace reorients your mind. This helps you feel calmer and more creative.

Adding practical work habits into your daily routine helps you maintain an organized workspace. These habits can increase your engagement, productivity, and work performance.

Start the year off right by using these tips to declutter your workspace.

Identify Your Necessities

  • Determine which items you regularly use.
  • Keep these items within arm’s reach.
  • Put the other items in your desk or designated place.
  • Recycle the appropriate items.
  • Throw out the garbage.

Clear Your Files

  • Recycle or file the paper copies of documents you no longer need.
  • Delete unnecessary emails and digital files on your computer.
  • Free up space on both your desk and computer.
  • Continue this process daily or weekly. This will result in;
  • Quickly finding the information you seek.
  • Feeling more organized and empowered.

Minimize Your Personal Effects

  • Personalizing your workspace is important, however;
  • Minimize your personal belongings and decorations.
  • Having fewer items makes your workspace easier to clean and maintain.

Take Down Sticky Notes

  • Visual clutter encourages feelings of being overwhelmed.
  • Transfer the information from your sticky notes to permanent storage locations.
  • Use reference notebooks or binders to record frequently used numbers, codes, or checklists.
  • Use a calendar, address book, or project management app to store other important information.

Clean Your Workspace

  • Clean your keyboard with an appropriate air gun.
  • Wipe down your computer monitor with an appropriate screen cleaner and cloth.
  • Dust your workspace.
  • Use disinfectant wipes to remove germs.
  • Repeat this process weekly.

Create Work Zones

  • Organize your work tasks by zones on your desk.
  • Consider creating separate zones for research, writing, meetings, and email.
  • Compartmentalizing your work helps you prioritize your tasks.
  • You can more easily shift between tasks as you continue your workflow.

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