How to Fit Work Around Our Lives (Not the Other Way Around)

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How to Fit Work Around Our Lives (Not the Other Way Around)

The traditional work model has employees working 8 hours each day during a set time. This typically means that the most awake, productive hours of the day belong to employers. If employees want to take care of personal needs during this time, they need permission from their manager to take vacation days. Once the paid time off runs out, the employees need to go to work or lose out on income. In this case, work controls the employees’ lives.

A more effective work model would let employees work around personal responsibilities and pursuits to accomplish both work and personal obligations.  This would allow for customized structuring of an employee’s time so they feel stronger personal and professional fulfillment.

Discover some ways to encourage your employees to fit in work around their lives rather than the other way around.  

Offer Flexible Work Hours

Your employees should be able to set their own schedules.

  • The ability to fit in work around personal responsibilities empowers your staff to get more done each day.
  • Staff can work during the hours they are most productive.
  • You can set limits that prevent working during the early morning hours, late at night, or on weekends. Consider setting core hours so teams are available to each other regularly.
  • Flexibility shows you value your employees’ contributions and trust them to complete quality work on time.
  • The more respected your team members feel, the more engaged, productive, and loyal they will be.

Encourage Vacations

Your employees need extended time away from the office to unwind.

  • Vacations help prevent burnout.
  • Your employees will come back refreshed and ready to work.
  • Take vacations yourself to model the appropriate behavior.
  • Remind your employees to leave all work devices at home.
  • Ask your team members to cover for the vacationing employee.

Implement Technology

Put in place the apps and software required for your teamwork from anywhere.

  • Choose an app or scheduling software to create a combined calendar that shows what you want your employees to achieve and when.
  • Use video conferencing to hold meetings or communicate individually with your team.
  • Include cloud technology to store, access, create, and share documents.

Need to Enhance Your Accounting and Finance Team?

Updating your work model to allow your employees more control over their time increases job satisfaction. Your staff will accomplish more in less time, stay engaged longer, and feel more personally and professionally fulfilled.

Mercer Bradley has the qualified accounting and finance professionals needed to reach your business goals. Find out more today.

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