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Finding the accounting and finance job you want can be challenging. Whether you are reentering the workforce or leaving your current role, finding and applying to the right match, interviewing, and waiting for the results can be daunting. Fortunately, you do not have to go through the process alone. Working with a recruiter who specializes in your industry can reduce the stress involved in finding a new position.


Discover why you should work with a recruiter from Mercer Bradley to find your next accounting and finance role in Manitoba.


Save Time

A recruiter knows exactly which employers are hiring and the skills they seek. This lets them set you up with appropriate matches. You save a substantial amount of time by not having to search job boards, submit your cover letter and resume, and wait to hear back.


Increase Your Network

A recruiter has a significantly wider network than you do. This means you have access to more jobs than you would looking on your own. Because many employers work exclusively with recruiters, you may learn about opportunities that are not open to the general public. Because you face less competition if you apply for a role, your odds of being offered a position would be significantly higher.


Maximize Your Specialized Skills

A recruiter can help make the best use of your hard-to-find skills. Odds are they have a client looking for what you have to offer. You may be able to negotiate a more attractive salary and benefits package in exchange for the value you can provide the company. Because the recruiter knows the hiring manager’s needs and budget, you should be able to use the information in your favor.


Gain Access to Coaching

A recruiter can coach you through every step of the job placement process. From resume and interview preparation to job offer negotiation, the recruiter will work with you to provide the best possible impression for the hiring manager. You gain insight into what the manager is looking for so you can highlight how your skills, experience, and qualifications fit their needs. You also can gain feedback on your interview performance so you can improve in the future.


Learn from one Candidate’s Experience

Mercer Bradley matches accounting and finance candidates with top employers in Manitoba. Here is what one candidate had to say about their experience with our recruiter Angela:


“Angela has been really helpful and I loved interacting with her as she communicated everything about the profile, role, company, people I’ll be working with. It was a pleasure being part of the process. I was helped at every step. Would definitely use MB in my next job search, if required. I was looking for this kind of role for a long time.”
Apoorva G, Permanent Candidate, Manufacturing Company


Looking for a New Accounting and Finance Job?

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