What Does it Mean to Become an Employer of Choice?

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As an employer of choice, your company provides an attractive work environment and outstanding brand. Because top talent wants to work for you, you spend less on advertising and retain the best staff at a lower cost. Regardless of your organization size or budget, you can become a highly attractive place where employees want to work. Use these seven tactics to become an employer of choice.

7 Ways To Become a Business Where People Really Want To Work

1. Define Which Types of Employees You Want

Specify which qualities and skills you want your employees to have. Focus on hiring candidates who blend with company culture and want to become leaders. Consider what your ideal employee profile looks like and who you want running your business. Examples may include Type-A self-starters, cutting-edge tech experts, or innovative problem solvers. Establish a vision for your workforce and make it happen.

2. Determine Desired Perks

Find out which perks are most attractive to the types of employees you desire. Depending on your brand, examples may include outdoor enthusiasts, people who value a healthy lifestyle, or those who are tech-savvy. In such cases, hiking gear, wellness competitions or gym memberships may be preferred.

3. Uncover What Your Competition Offers

Find out what your competition does to attract and retain the best talent. Perhaps it’s their amazing company culture or professional development opportunities. Look at competitors’ career webpages and network with managers, employees and candidates to determine what they are seeing and hearing. Provide similar offerings to draw candidates your way.

4. Promote Work-Life Balance

Stress the importance of work-life balance. Employees want flexible scheduling and remote work options that allow them to fit in work around their personal responsibilities. Being able to avoid a commute, play a greater role in their family’s and friends’ lives, and pursue individual interests makes staff less stressed and more productive. Having more options for self-care promotes employees’ overall wellbeing, increasing their happiness and company loyalty.

5. Offer Growth Opportunities

Provide opportunities for career growth. For instance, offer your employees internal and external trainings, job assignments, and performance development planning. Because career growth involves taking on more responsibility, let staff make individual and team decisions about how to complete their work. Having control over their choices makes employees feel respected, empowered, and accountable for their outcomes.

6. Recognize Employees

Provide ongoing employee recognition. Give verbal and written praise for specific individual and team contributions, accomplishments, and growth. Provide monetary incentives for finishing projects on time and going beyond the call of duty. Offer opportunities for salary increases and promotions.

7. Streamline Your Hiring Process

Ensure that your hiring process is efficient and uncomplicated. If the process is overly complicated with multiple delays and lack of communication you run the risk of a candidate losing interest. Or worse, accepting another opportunity!

Become an Employer of Choice

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