Finding top accounting graduates provides many benefits for your company. For instance, you can capitalize on graduates’ fresh ideas, recent learning history, and comfort with technology to grow your business. Therefore, you need to steer graduates away from the competition so you have your pick of top candidates.

7 Ways To Get Top Accounting Graduates to Work For You:

#1 Boost Your Social Media

Since the majority of graduates have smartphones, increase your social media presence. For instance, interact with graduates on the platforms they use, including Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Post job openings on your social media accounts and website. Include engaging information about the job duties and requirements, benefits and company culture. Point out why the position is appealing to graduates. Implement videos and testimonials about what it is like to work for your company.

#2 Sway Company Reviews

Because the majority of graduates pay attention to what is being said about employers, influence what current and former employees are saying about your company in online reviews. For instance, upload pictures of your office and accountants at work and play. Thoughtfully respond to positive and negative reviews. Show why your company appeals to graduates.

“Thoughtfully respond to positive and negative reviews” (Tweet this quote)  

#3 Network

Since graduates enjoy in-person interactions, network with them. For instance, accept invitations to be a guest speaker on local campuses. Participate in job fairs. Call qualified graduates to offer an interview. Sponsor events created by student groups. Discuss how your internships, conferences, and competitions can benefit graduates.

#4 Streamline Your Hiring Process

To avoid losing candidates to a competitor, ensure your hiring process is as efficient and effective as possible. For instance, focus on finding candidates who show a strong work ethic, excel in nontechnical skills, know current accounting and reporting standards, and fit with company culture. You can always teach for technical skills later. Extend a job offer as soon as you find a candidate who fits your needs.

#5 Offer a Competitive Compensation Package

With qualified candidates in short supply, offer graduates a competitive compensation package. Include above-average base salary, benefits, bonuses, and perks. For instance, provide flexible scheduling, remote work, and PTO for volunteering with a not-for-profit.

#6 Provide Growth Opportunities

Since job hopping is a reality, offer opportunities for employees to engage in ongoing professional development. For instance, create a career path for each accountant to advance within your organization. Provide a mentor for enhanced career development. Encourage accountants to participate in seminars, conferences, classes, and professional associations related to their field. Provide assistance to attain the CPA designation.

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